Guitar Stand Cozy

by c-mama

A while ago, I had crocheted a cozy/cover for my husband’s guitar stand. It was an older stand and he just wanted something soft around it so his guitar could be protected.

He has the guitar stand on the stage at our church where he leads worship. One of the team members saw it and asked if I could make one for him. His brother makes guitars and uses a finishing on the guitars that the stuff on new guitar stands eats through or something. So he wanted something that would also protect his guitar.

I explained to him that the cover was crocheted directly onto the stand. I would need the stand in order to do the project. He went out and purchased a new stand and I used a skein of yarn that had been given to me by an online friend. I have no idea what kind of yarn it is. It appears to be wool(ish) and worsted weight. But it’s a bit silkier than wool.

So I crocheted 2 rectangles for the legs and sewed them on, leaving a hole towards the bottom where the body of the guitar rests on the stand. That is covered by a foam that we do not believe eats through the finishing. If it seems to do so, I will cover that part as well. I also crocheted a cap for the stand. I crocheted it in 3 pieces, front, back and top; sewed them together and then sewed the cap to the legs.