k-jacket in green

by c-mama

A friend of mine had seen a jacket/bolero worn by Joyce Meyers and asked if I could make her something similar. I was confident I could find a pattern in my millions of patterns around, but nothing jumped out at me. I then became nervous as I knew this would me I would have to try my hand at designing. And since I’m a perfectionist, this was not something I looked forward to.

I started by choosing the yarn. She told me the color she desired and I had in mind a certain yarn. I went to Michael’s to check it out and the yarn was perfect. I chose Bernat Satin Sport in Jade. My friend wanted the jacket to have small openings so one would see the color of the shirt under it. I chose a pattern in Jean Leinhauser’s book 101 stitches for afghans, stitch #40. I crocheted it in 8 pieces. Front left and right, back, sleeves, edging left, right and bottom. There were a few times I needed to frog it, however that was due to me not taking measurements properly. I was so concerned with making sure it wouldn’t be too big that it was too small. It would have fit like a shirt, but she wanted to wear a shirt under it.

I must say that the Lord really showed me what to do with this jacket. I had crocheted vests before and took my knowledge of that to make the pieces, but a jacket is a bit different. I prayed and asked for guidance and He really met me and showed me what to do. I have not been to design school or anything like that. I learned to crochet reading patterns and sometimes panic if I don’t have a pattern to follow – I just draw a blank. So this jacket was an awesome work of God. He used my hands to make it. 🙂

Well, I had finally finished it and she wore it Sunday. I got a picture of it on my iPhone, and once my camera comes, I’ll get some more photos.