Listen to your heart, not your head

by c-mama

I had a dream last night where, after I let my anger at a silly situation come out in front of my pastor, he told me to listen to my heart, not my head. In my dream I didn’t quite understand. I had thought that listening to your heart meant being ruled by your emotions.

When I woke up those words kept ringing out in my head. I believe that the Lord speaks through dreams and sometimes you need to write them down immediately or you’ll forget them. But I think that sometimes the Lord is really gracious (He’s gracious ALL the time, I know) and highlights things to you so you don’t forget and that it’s a word for right now or it’s something important that you’ll need to remember for the future.

As I ponder this, I remember my pastor teaching on where our spirit is located, in our gut area. The Bible writers often refer to this as where we feel and think. I’m also reminded of head knowledge versus experience.

I think that this saying is encouraging me to think on the experiences I’ve had versus what knowledge may be telling me. Darkness is coming, but the LIGHT will prevail. We cannot give in to fear, we cannot let the “reality” of what is going on around us take us out of our peace in God. We need to listen to our heart, remember our experiences with the Lord and trust in Him, not our circumstances.