Personalized Baby Afghan #2

by c-mama

My friend has asked me for another baby blanket. Another family member on her son-in-law’s side recently gave birth to a baby boy.

She said the first blanket was a hit with the family so we decided on a second one for this little guy. Since he has already been dubbed “The Prince”, I decided to modify the border with crowns in place of the hearts.

When I first charted out a crown, I didn’t take into account that my graph paper was square but the area I was working with was more rectangular, given I’m using dc. But I did think ahead to make up some swatches to see what it looked like. I decided to modify the border even more. The pattern shows 6 hearts along the bottom, top and 2 hearts along each side. Because I don’t want my crowns look like they’ve been squished from the sides, I am making 3 crowns along the top and bottom with nothing along the sides.

I’ve also charted his name and need to chart another crown for the mat portion of the blanket. I’ve completed the bottom portion of the crown border and am about halfway done with one of the sides.


Friday, April 25, 2008

My second personalized baby blanket is finished. I used dark country blue and grey in Caron Simply Soft and an H hook. It is 28″ x 31 1/2″. Hubby helped chart out the crown on the mat. I used tunisian stitch for the mat and cross-stitched the name and crown in. I used a reverse sc for the border.