Finished Pile

by c-mama

Have you ever had a project that was so almost finished that it sat there for weeks almost finished? Oh, I guess that’s just me. 😉

I had 2 projects I was working on (4 actually, but we won’t talk about the other two, yet). They both are baby blankets. One is commissioned by a friend and the other is a gift I’m making for a couple who’s music has ministered deeply to me.

The commissioned blanket has been almost finished for a little while, waiting on me to ask dear hubby to sketch out a crown for me to cross-stitch on the mat.

The gift is basically finished but for the ends that need to be woven in and then snipped off.

I finished them both tonight! YAY! And, in fact, I think the Lord sent an angel to help me with the gift because when I got halfway up the blanket, I saw that that half was already woven in! And I had done the other side of the blanket already. Double YAY! Thank you LORD!

I’ll be posting pictures of the final projects under separate posts, so stay tuned.