Pineapple Motif Scarf/Shawl

by c-mama

5/11/08 Update

This is not working out – I’ve tossed this in the, pineapple scarf? What Pineapple scarf? pile. 😛

I wanted to make a friend of mine a scarf. No, not the wintery kind – we live in Florida. I had seen her wear a long scarf with a dress the other day and it gave me an idea.

I went to Michael’s Art & Crafts and picked up some Paton’s Brilliant in Crystal Cream. It’s a good color for her and the specks of gold add a bit of classiness in my opinion. 🙂

I was going to to a lacy tunisian stitch, but wasn’t loving how it was turning out. Then I remembered a pineapple motif pattern I had and got the book and decided to do that.

I’m on the forth motif, not sure how it’s all going to turn out or how many more skeins I’m going to have to use, but I’ll play it by ear.