Another Healing Testimony

by c-mama

I’ve been watching Todd Bentley on God TV and tonight we watched it at our Friday night church service.

We were praising the Lord and praying along with those who were coming up to the stage giving their testimonies of healing. You have to trust that what they say is real because you don’t know them and there is no “proof” that they were sick in the first place.

All of a sudden, the people around me erupt and say “PETER!” I look up and see a man who has been attending our church for a few years now. He HAD parkinsons and walked very slow and in pain all the time. He had gotten healed. Todd had him RUN across the stage and I jump out of my seat, tears running down my face because I knew that this was God. Peter was not able to do that and I saw him, with my own eyes, run across the stage two times. And he wasn’t shaking.

God is so good!!!!