Debt Canceling

by c-mama

Last night Todd Bentley, live on God TV had a debt canceling and prayer burning ceremony. People from all over the world e-mailed or brought prayer requests and wrote down debts they wanted canceled.

Well, at our church service last night we did the same thing, except for the burning part. 😀 We wrote down our prayer requests and poured oil on them, came up and prayed over them. On large sheets of paper we wrote down the debts we wanted canceled. Our family wrote down, mortgage, my truck and money owned to the company who worked on our house because of the damage from Hurricane Wilma. We had been working with this company and they had someone working with the insurance company to release more money towards the total amount owed.

This morning the guy from that company called letting us know that our insurance company has agreed to cut another check. They are paying 79% of the large sum that is still owed. We still have to come up with the rest, but that amount isn’t so daunting. And besides, I’m still waiting to see what God can do with that.

Woo Hoo! I serve an awesome God.