Assignment: Let someone know God loves them

by c-mama

Our pastor listed a few assignments for the congregation to pick from – thing to do to show God’s love to others. We gave testimonies this past Sunday.

I chose to, while at a store, get a greeting card (pay for it, of course) and give it to the cashier. I did this on Monday. While I was sitting on my bed getting my shoes on, I was so nervous. Silly, isn’t it? But I went to the store, picked out a greeting card and did some more grocery shopping. As I’m walking through the store, I was overcome with God’s love for EVERYONE and thought how unfair that I was only giving ONE person a card. (Like I can afford a card for everyone shopping there!)

I picked aisle 5 (for grace!) and had my cashier ring the card up first and told her I wanted it back. She handed it back to me and while she rang up the rest of my stuff, I wrote inside the card – Smile, Jesus love you and drew a smiley face. I sealed the envelope and wrote her name on it. After I paid for my stuff, I handed her the card and said, “This is for you.” She smiled real big and placed it beneath her cash register.

After I told my story, I sat down and the visitor who was sitting behind me whispered, did you know that was me? I looked closer and sure enough! It was her. I got up to sit next to her and give her a hug. My hubby was walking around with the microphone getting people’s testimonies and he looked at me and I pointed at her and said, “This is her!”

He came over to us to let everyone know this was who I gave the card to. Well, this story isn’t over. Dawn, the pastor’s wife, also was on assignment at that same store the next day. She talked to her cashier about how gift cards worked and told the lady that she wanted to get a gift card for someone, just because. She rang it up, along with the other things she had and when she was done, she said to the cashier, this is for you, because Jesus love you. That cashier was the same one I went to! She came to our church because she knew Dawn’s name and knew what church she ministered at.

How cool is that? Only God could orchestrate something like that. Neither Dawn nor I knew who the other blessed.

God is so good and His love is simply amazing.

Oh, and I have purchased some index cards and pens to bring with me to jot down prophetic words I receive to give to people while I’m out. 🙂