Thursday’s Touch

by c-mama

So, I had planned on asking God to give me an encouraging word for someone while I’m out. I don’t remember if it was once a week or every time I went out, but whatever, I went out today and wanted to give a word to someone.

I went to Walmart, Starbucks, Michael’s and Sam’s Club. I figured I’d have enough time to pray and get a word from God that I could write down.

When I was in Walmart, I picked up a pack of notecards that came with envelopes! Cool! But most are flowery, and what if I give a word to a guy? Hm. It’s ok. It will work.

As I’m walking around Walmart, I’m praying and asking God to show me something. I see someone who reminds me of a friend (who is currently out of state). This friend of mine LOVES to sing. I then hear, “songbird”. I knew that was the word I was to give today. But I wanted to write it on the card and I wasn’t sure which store the person who is getting the word was at.

I stopped by the house after Walmart and Starbucks and while driving to the house, I heard, “Sing and make music to the Lord.” So, at home, I looked up that phrase at BibleGateway and found Ephesians 5:19.

So, I wrote on the card that I prayed for this person (I’m thinking it’s going to be a woman) and asked the Lord to give me a word, that I heard Songbird. I told this person that the Lord loves to hear their heart and that they make music in their heart. I then wrote out Ephesians 5:19, Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord. I wrote, Smile, (and sing!!) Jesus loves you, may He richly bless your day. I simply signed Debbie.

We got to Sam’s and I was thinking about the card in my purse, but at some point I forgot. Caytie and I pull the cart up to the first register I see and it’s closed. So we go to the one next to it.

As we’re unloading the cart, I remember the card and remember I thought it was going to be for a woman. Our cashier is, yes, a guy. Wow, what a step of faith for me. For some reason I felt it was easier to give this card to a woman.

Well, my cashier and I talked a little bit about homeschool. He was a very nice guy. Young, but I have no clue what his age was. Either late teens or early 20s. As he gave my Sam’s card back to me, I gave him the sealed card. I had written his name on the envelope. I told him that I prayed and asked God to give me a word and that this card was for him. Then I left. Caytie told me he looked shocked. I looked again and he was now at the manager’s post and it looked like he was giving the card to the manager, but I couldn’t tell.

Oh, well. I need to trust that I heard correctly from the Lord and that God was able to touch Akaim.