Bring God’s Kingdom to Earth

by c-mama

I’ve been reading Here Comes Heaven an invitation and guide for young people to bring the realm of Heaven to earth. Let me tell you it’s the best investment I’ve made for my kids. I read a chapter out loud to them everyday. It’s even challenging ME.

I just wanted to share an excerpt from chapter 10, Nice is Not Enough.

“Three easy ways to help you bring God’s Kingdom to earth is:

  • LOOK – use your “faith eyes” to see what your Heavenly Father is doing.
  • LISTEN – with the “ears” of your heart to what God is saying.
  • OBEY – what the Holy Spirit wants you to do.

There’s still more that your Father has for you. He just loves getting you ready for your royal mission!


  • As you Heavenly Papa to come.
  • Let the Holy Spirit bring you into His presence.
  • Tell Papa how great He is.
  • Tell Him how much you love Him.
  • Let the Father love on you for awhile.
  • Ask Him to show you again who you are.
  • You will see what He sees; a Royal Child.
  • Take a good look.
  • In His presence, ask Jesus to give you what He has.
  • Tell Him you want to be just like Him.
  • Thank Him for His power.
  • Thank Him that you don’t have to sin anymore.
  • Thank Him for His courage.
  • Thank Him for His love.
  • Let Papa know you want to obey Him.
  • Let Him know you are hungry.
  • Be ready to receive His power and character.