My workout today

by c-mama

I left the house around 8 after getting the kids up. The owner was working at Curves and I signed a piece of paper signing me up for the Curves Smart program and gave her my credit card to charge the fee.

I worked out a bit harder today since I apparently didn’t realize that I should be trying to increase my reps as time goes on. Wow, what a difference. I didn’t have the machines telling me if I was in the zone or not, but I tried to focus on my reps and not slow down. My heart rate stayed in the target zone except for the 3rd last machine (squat) where I was able to do 14 reps. That was more than I had ever done, but I did push myself too far, I think. Had to take a heart rate check at that point and it was at 31 and I should be at 25. I slowed down for the last machines and then stretched. I also weighed myself when I was done and I gained 1/2 pound from last week Wednesday, but that’s ok. I know it’s not in the weight and today was a brand new day, with working out harder.

The owner stated that the parts for the machines will be installed next Thursday. I don’t know how long it will take for the staff to get trained, but my impression of the owner is that she won’t dilly-dally. She’s going to want to get the members starting on Curves Smart as soon as possible.