Curvey day

by c-mama

🙂 Went to Curves this morning. I’m so glad I changed to morning workouts. I think this will make a difference. I have more energy while working out and all throughout the day.

I worked the machines hard, but my lungs were being naughty today, so a little after my first time around, I had to slow down. I thought I would have to stop completely. But I prayed and heard the Lord remind me to breath correctly. So, I breathed in through my nose and out through my mouth. Easy for most, but with my younger years of having sever orthodontic problems and breathing issues, I always breathe through my mouth. It takes concentration to do it the other way.

Well, that helped me tremendously. No only did my heart rate slow down (it was in the 80% and should be 60-70%) but my lungs became more obedient. I totally took it easy at the recovery stations and was able to work the machines hard. Felt like a good day. 🙂

They are open Monday from 8-11 and I’m very happy for that.