Blue Jays and God is Crazy About ME! (and you)

by c-mama

I’m listening to a message given by Bill Johnson at Morningstar’s Healing Conference.

Bill said, “He is so wonderful, He does stuff just because it matters to you, in fact, if it matters to you, it matters to Him. It doesn’t have to be a profound message, He does it just because He’s wild about you.” Well, this thought came into my mind, I don’t always see that He’s wild about me.

I’m listening to this in my truck and I’m backing up into our driveway and I look in the mirror and see a blue jay hopping around on my front porch.

Now, you may think, “Yeah, and? This is the season for blue jays, there all around all time time right now. And, it’s a blue jay! They’re mean, aggressive birds!”

Let me tell you what blue jays mean to ME. During a time of financial hardship in our lives, I was sitting at the table by the window at the front of our house. I was praying and crying out to the Lord for a sign that everything would be ok. I even told Him what sign to give me (I know, heresy, right? HA! HA! I say to you – read about Gideon in Judges 6). I looked at the bird feeder that was hanging outside our house. We put that feeder out there and NO birds came to it. NOT ONE in the weeks that it had been out there. IT WAS STILL FULL! I looked at that bird feeder and said, “God, I need to know You’re hearing me and that You will be there for us and that everything will be ok. I need you to send a bird to that feeder now so that I know You are hearing me.” I waited and my heart rejoiced as a blue jay flew up the feeder and started eating at our bird feeder. Since that time, every time I see a blue jay, I remember God’s goodness.

So, seeing that blue jay hopping around on our front porch reminded me that the Lord does stuff just because it matters to me.

Now my mind is reeling! If what matters to me also parallels what HE mandates in the scriptures – there’s no stopping Him. You know what I want? I want to be so on fire for Him that I have no fear about going up to a stranger and asking them if there is anything I can pray for them about.

Yay God! Thank you for loving me!