Friday Curves

by c-mama

The Curves machines were equipped with the Smart computers yesterday. The trainers and members still need to be trained on them, but we are able to use the heart-rate on the stepper. Wow, what a difference. Taking your heart rate on your own is difficult. I would mess up my counting because my mind is listening to the beat of the music and other distractions.

But this machine is accurate. I fell between the 70 and 80 percentile easily. Hmmm. I’m reading on the Curves forums that one needs to be between 60 and 70 and the owner said 70 and 80 today. Oh well. Either way I was lower than I thought I had been. Which is good for me because I was taking it very easy at the recovery stations.

There were, of course, complaints from the peanut gallery. You know the ones. The ones who complain for every single little change. According to them, the machine is wrong because it’s 20 points lower than what they used to be. They cannot possibly work out harder, and, oh, by the way, you changed which door we go in so I’m going to complain that we are all going to die if there’s ever a fire. Phew. I prayed peace upon the owner and the other trainers while the members get used to the changes.

Change, while necessary, is very difficult for most to endure.

I’m happy. I cannot wait to be called for my appointment. This is going to be a very, very, very good change.