Curves training

by c-mama

I was able to do my Curves Smart training today. Sheri, the owner, input my weight, height, and measurements into the computer and activated my key-card. Then I went around to the machines, stuck my key-card in, did 3 range of motion reps and 3 full power reps so the computer would know my range of motion for each machine and then it would know my full power to keep my up to that level.

Then I did a normal workout. I will do a Curves Smart workout the next time I’m in.

Sheri did a workout with me this morning, showing me what the machines look like with her key-card in. After her workout, she put her key-card into the computer and showed me what her workout screen looks like. Very cool. You can see what muscle groups are in the 91% or higher range and which muscle groups are lower than 91%. There’s also a chart which shows which machine targets which muscle group. There are other helpful charts that show your progress. I’m sure the first month or so will be full of highs and lows, but as the months go by, the average will be great to see and it will be good to see when I’m able to increase my reps on the machines.


ETA – My weight has not decreased. However, I can tell that I’m losing inches even though I cannot prove it. I hadn’t gotten measured in a couple of months. I measured myself on Friday and then today I got measured at Curves. I’m a little frustrated not to see a change in weight, but both hubby and I have noticed a change in my body. I’ll know more the end of this month and then a month from now. I’m going to keep up on the measurements with Curves (well, I’ll have to now with Curves Smart) and will measure myself (maybe) on the 15th.