Curves this week

by c-mama

This was an interesting week at Curves. On Wednesday, I worked out hard to make sure I stayed out of the orange. Orange means you are working the machines below 80% of what you trained at. My results were that I had all green pinpoints on my c-mama likeness on the computer. 😉

This morning, when I signed in, the computer notified me that it had increased my workout 22 points. Not sure exactly what those points mean, but I do know that the computer was going to expect me to work even harder. Hrmph! That’s what I get, huh? Well, I didn’t push the machines like I did Wednesday. I just simply tried hard to stay out of the orange. Seems a very fine line between the 3 – orange (under target), solid green (target), flashing green (over target). Seems I can go from orange to flashing green in one rep. Oh well. I’ll do what I can.

My weigh-in/measure day will be around the 15th. We will see if there is a change in my weight, measurements and/or BMI.