Monday’s workout

by c-mama

I’ve been working out using the Curves Smart program for 3 weeks now. It really is pushing me. When the machine’s light is orange, I am not working to the potential that I trained at on the machine.

I get weighed in and measured next week. I’m looking forward to it to see what changes, if any, have occurred.

I do wish, however, that the owner and workers there at Curves knew a little bit more about the results in the computer. That would really help the members out in knowing how they are doing on each machine. There was a woman in this morning complaining (it seems that is in her nature to complain since every time I see her, she’s complaining about something) about why would she want to work out on a machine that shows her her faults. Excuse me? Is that the reason for using Curves Smart? We see our faults and then work harder. But the trainers don’t say that to her because I don’t think they really know.

Evidently the people training our trainers on the Curves Smart machines aren’t doing such a good job. I’ve read on Curves forums where owners and workers don’t even know what’s going on so it’s not limited to just my Curves. Gets a little frustrating. Hmm. Maybe that woman’s complaining spirit rubbed off on me. 😦

Anyway, I’m happy with how I’m working out on the machines. I just wish I knew more about the results. I also wish that when I go in to work out the complainers stay away. Better yet, Lord, deliver this woman from this complaining spirit and help her to find joy in You.