by c-mama

We had a worship service last night. We tapped into the Morningstar webstream for their outbreak service.

Jonathan Helser led worship last night and it was very powerful. It was interesting seeing those that came out to the service last night enter in. At first, I didn’t want to stand up and worship as I usually do because no one else was. But then I just couldn’t help it any longer and HAD to stand. I’m so glad that we were able to tap into that and that the kids and I went. Hubby’s up at Morningstar this week for The Furnace worship conference. Not that it’s any question that I would miss out on an opportunity to meet at church and worship, but you never know.

Anyway, it showed me that you don’t need a live band, music that you know or a lot of people to have an awesome worship service.

I look forward to see what else the Lord is going to be doing.

We are tapping into the Morningstar webstream again on Friday night for the Jason Upton Concert. I’m really expecting God to do some awesome things with those who show up that night.