Things to consider when I open my Yarn Store

by c-mama

In no particular order:

  • Make sure my hours are conducive with my customers. Don’t close at 5 PM on the weekdays.
  • Make sure there is someone at the front of the store to cheerfully greet the customers as they come in.
  • Make sure that there is someone available to find out if there are any needs.
  • Make sure that there is someone available at the check-out. Customers should not have to hunt down associates to make a purchase.
  • Have a public restroom clean and available.

I went into a local bead store yesterday. The door chimed as my daughter and I entered. A woman popped her head out from behind this screen divider at the back of the store. She may have said a greeting, but I don’t remember.

I found the beads I was looking for, but wasn’t sure how many were in the container. I was going to ask, however, the woman behind the screen was chatting away on the phone. I guesstimated and picked up 3 containers of 3 colors. I was willing to spend almost $40 on beads. Then I waited.

The woman never did emerge from behind the screen. Not once. A regular customer walked behind the screen to say goodbye and that she would be back Saturday for the sale. I decided at that point to walk out and never to return.

I told my daughter that maybe the Lord was showing me how NOT to run my business.

These things frustrate me. With the rising cost of gas, I don’t want to be running all over the city to find a store that’s willing to take my money. I ended up having to go to the other side of town to get the beads.

I want to check out a yarn store that’s a good 12 miles away from my house. Not very far, but far enough that I’d feel that it wasn’t worth the trip if I didn’t buy anything. But if the service isn’t good, I won’t buy anything.

I don’t want fan fare. I do want, depending on how busy the place is, a simple, “Hello. Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.”

Then I want, when I’m ready to purchase, to not have to hunt someone down to take my money.