More on Curves and Cuves Smart

by c-mama

I received a comment from someone and instead of addressing her privately, I wanted to share my testimony.

First, the comment

Hey…glad to hear that you are getting results from the Curves ‘Smart’ programme.

My club is due to upgrade to this in September. I’m in two minds whether to follow.

You say that you were working out before, but with no success….were you a regular Curves member before?

I am only asking as I have been going to Curves for nearly two months now, but have not started to lose inches or weight yet 😦

Ok, so here’s the story. I never was one big on dieting or on exercise. I have gotten pregnant 7 times, carrying all 7 full term. After each child, I packed on a bit of weight, maybe losing a little bit after, but not much.

Finally, 2 1/2 years after my last kiddo was born, I decided to do something about my weight. I checked out Curves and then another women’s gym just across the street. The lady working at Curves was more open and welcoming and talked to me about the program instead of hitting me in my pocketbook and letting me know I was overweight. The lady at the other gym immediately pulled out the price book and told me that the owner would be sitting down with me to tell me what changes I would have to make in my diet. Um, thanks, but no thanks. I joined Curves.

April 30, 2007 was my first weigh in/measurement. I weighed in at 269 lbs. After my first month, I dropped 3 lbs and 4.25 inches. The next month (June 30), I dropped another 6 lbs and 7.25 inches. July, I remained the same and I attributed that to the fact that, at home, I was not as active as I had been.

August brought a weight loss of 5 lbs and 7 inches. September saw 1 lbs lost and 2.5 inches. October didn’t see any change. During these first few months, I was going fairly regularly – 3x a week. But I was getting discouraged and in November, my attendance dropped to once a week. My last weigh in was October 30. I don’t think I journaled too much during that time, but I can only assume that I wanted to avoid the scale because I didn’t want to see the results.

December – forget about it. I don’t think I went during that month and January as well.

I went back in February and March. I started going in the afternoon instead of morning because I thought it would be best with homeschool and all. After doing a self weigh in and not seeing weight loss during those two months of going, I quit going again.

Around the middle of May, hubby asked me if I had stopped going and I said yes. He encouraged me to go back, reminding me of how I felt during those first few months of going. May 12 was my first visit back. I started going in the mornings again and saw that I had more energy from working out in the morning instead of waiting for the afternoon.

I let the manager know that I was getting discouraged because I was not seeing results. She told me to hang in there as they were expecting to go through some changes. I started back on my 3 times a week and waited to hear on those changes, but I, again, avoided getting weighed in and measured (if you don’t know, it’s not there, right? j/k)

May 19 – I walk in and see information about the Curves Smart program (read this post) for more details) and knew that this computerized trainer was what I needed.

I got weighed in and measured on June 13 for the Curves Smart system and then again on July 14. My results were a weight loss of 2 lbs and 2.5 inches.

Since May 12, I have been going faithfully 3 times a week. I see a difference using the Curves Smart system because when I think that I’m doing alright, but knowing I’m getting tired, the computer shows that I am slowing down and I’m not using my full range of motion. When I focus on the range of motion and staying “in the green”, I KNOW I’m getting a better workout.

I feel better overall and can see results in my body. My pants are hanging a bit lower on my hips and my bras are a little “wrinkly”.

For those of you on the fence about joining the Curves Smart program, I would recommend trying it out for at least 2 months. Change is a difficult thing, but approach this with an open mind. Here’s some things to consider:

Your Curves is probably in the learning stages of this program, too, so be patient with them as they learn.

It’s almost as if you are re-learning how to use the Curves equipment. Approach this as if you were going in for the first time. Be open to correction and don’t hold on to your old ways.

It’s important that you focus on your range of motion and then “staying in the green”. If you haven’t used the machines yet, and don’t know what “staying in the green” means, don’t worry about it. Just remember that for when you learn the machines. 😉

Again, when training on the new program, remember that the staff is probably new to this, too. You may not get all your question answered and may no understand why you are doing certain things, but maybe jot those questions down and see if the staff can research those questions for you and get back to you.

Enjoy and happy curving! 😀