Polymer Clay Crochet Hook Handle – redo

by c-mama

D Hook redo

I had covered a D crochet hook in polymer clay (Sculpey III) and used it to work on the Kitty Bag. Tapestry crochet is very tight, and I crochet tight, so, this is a very, very, tight project. My hook almost snapped in two. Even though Carol Ventura strongly encouraged to cover the flat part of the crochet hook, I did not. I use the flat part to rest my forefinger on and I wanted to always see the size. Well, because of how tight I crochet, the hook started to snap on that flat portion of the hook.

I took a pliers and removed the old handle (in pieces) and then made a new handle, covering the flat portion. Hopefully I will be able to use this hook for the Kitty Bag project, anyway. 🙂