Wii Fit

by c-mama

I had been wanting something to supplement my Curves workout. Since my Curves workout is pretty much only circuit training and I don’t do the aerobic stuff on the recovery boards I wanted to do some aerobic activity on my off days.

I had really been wanting a Wii Fit, but they are very difficult to find.

Hubby and I took the 2 younger kiddos to the mall and to Game Stop for Kenny’s birthday gifts. While in Game Stop, I noticed a sign on the door that said they had one Wii Fit. When we got to the register to pay for Kenny’s new DS and game, I asked how much the Wii Fit was. They told me and said that we best snatch it up now. He said that when they get their shipments in, people are waiting at the door and when they unpack the UPS boxes, they scan and give them to the customers. And these things have been out since May! Amazing. But I had not planned on getting one today, so I didn’t ask. But Scott said to go ahead and pick it up. He was not aware that they were so difficult to get.

So, we picked it up and set ourselves up on it tonight. He was impressed with all that it entailed. I’m excited about it and did a 30 minute workout tonight. It was quite fun. I also was able to do a pay-back to the kids for making fun of me. I made them set up their Miis on it and they saw how difficult it was to keep a center of balance. Silly kids. 😉

So, I’m hoping to reach a goal of 10 lbs lost in 2 months time. We shall see what shall come of it. 🙂