by c-mama

Two weeks ago, Wednesday, we had to have the phone guy come out because the home phone was not working properly.  People calling in either got a busy signal or just nothing and when I picked up the receiver, I either wouldn’t hear anything or it sounded like there was a phone off the hook somewhere.  Strange because we only have one phone in the house.

It turned out we had a phone cord in the wall at one of the outlets.  It was not attached to a phone, but must have gotten wet and corroded.  Because it was plugged into the wall, it caused the phone line inside the house to be affected.

Today I had the cable guy out.  Our internet was flaky and some of our channels were fuzzy.  We were able to download just fine, but couldn’t upload.  The guy told me that the cable running from the back of the house to the attic is corroding.  He snipped away parts of it 4 times so that we could conitnue with service but said that we need to get it replaced.

So, in two weeks’ time, we have had communication negatively affected because of corrosion.

If we do not stay in constant communication with the Father, our relationship with Him will start to corrode and we will not be able to hear clearly from Heaven.