Update on my Cuves workout

by c-mama

I have not been working out on the Wii.  I really need to get back to doing that.  I’ve simply been too tired in the mornings to do it and then the day goes by and I’m just not interested.

However, I have been attending Curves almost regularly.  The past two weeks I only went two times during the week instead of three.  This week I went on Monday and Wednesday and will more than likely go tomorrow.

My clothes are fitting loose again and when hubby saw my photo on Facebook he said my face looked thinner.

I’ll be scheduled for weigh in/measure around the 15.  I guess I didn’t post about my last weigh in/measure.  I lost 2lbs and 2 inches, I believe.  The measurements were a little off, I think, because one person measured me in July and a different person measured me in August.  This month should be good because the same person who measured me in August will more than likely be measuring me this time.

Still working out using the Curves Smart system.  I keep getting decreased and can’t seem to catch up to the machines (not able to stay in the green as often as I’d like).  But because I’m noticing a change in my body, I’m not too worried.  I still support the Curves Smart system because it does help keep me “going for the green” and helps me not to slack off.  I also like that I can check my progress.