Nosey questions about homeschool rant

by c-mama

Payday is every other Thursday.  I go grocery shopping late morning/early afternoon and take my 13-year-old with me.  I normally get the question, “How come she’s not in school?”, to which I normally respond, “Oh, she’s in school now, we homeschool.”  I get a wide variety of responses, most of which I find myself explaining my decisions and whatnot.  It’s getting extremely irritating, to tell the truth.

Today I was questioned about “school activities”.  The woman seemed oh, so concerned for my child’s well being.  HELLO PEOPLE!  Are you not concerned about the drug deals, the sex in bathrooms, the smoking, the cursing and everything else that going on in school under the noses of hundreds of teacher?

I’m getting tired of answering the questions of nosey people who think that they know better.

Ok, rant over.