Some things to think through

by c-mama

These past few months has brought up many feelings of anger and hatred on both sides of the political fence. I thought that in my world of crochet, I wouldn’t be affected, but I was, deeply.

Many of the designers and editors of magazines I subscribe to have emerged and become quite vocal in their viewpoints which are completely different than my own.

About a month ago, I responded to a blog questioning why people like Sarah Palin. The question was posed by a designer and editor I admired and followed – up until a couple of weeks ago. Her words towards those with differing political opinions than hers just caused me to take her off my watch list.

I peeked in at her twitter account to see if things had calmed down now that the election is over and the man she was wanting to win has won but I was disappointed. This is what she had to say about people with my beliefs in regards to California’s Proposition 8, “Still in rage over Prop 8. How to live in a world where people are such bigots? Or where people choose to follow churches that preach hate?” This nation (although she is in Canada, her views mirror many of those in the craft community that I (used to) follow and admire) is very divided. Christians who want to stand for the righteousness God has called us to are being called bigots and told that we are following churches that preach hate.

Sadly, I will no longer be able to subscribe to the crochet magazine she edits. I will also have to be careful of the projects I decide to crochet. What people don’t realize is that what is inside of us comes out in the creativity we do. If we are filled with hate towards another people group, what does that say about a pattern we designed, a project we crocheted/knitted or a magazine we edit? That hate pours out into all aspects of our lives.

Since this election, there are many sites I can no longer visit. The Lord is really working in me and I need to stay away from Conservative sites who refuse to honor the president-elect once he takes office. I need to not follow Christians on Twitter who are wailing about how the end of the world is upon us. I need to stay away from crafters who, even though the election is over, continue to spew their hatred of Sarah Palin all over their websites, blogs and forums. I have been called to wait upon the Lord, to rest in Him and to give honor where honor is due.

I refuse to treat the upcoming president the same way Obama’s followers treated President Bush. I will not go there. I also need to distance myself from the crochet/knit world in general as well. It was so much nicer not knowing the faces and lives behind the names of the designers whose patters I enjoyed, the editors whose magazines I treasure.

It’s a sad day for me, but one where I hope the Lord stirs up in me a supernatural ability to design my own patters. I know He has not called me to stop crocheting. But it’s looking like it’s time for me to branch out and not use other people’s designs.