Pray for a cure

by c-mama

I just received an e-mail that simply said, “Dear God, I pray for a cure for cancer.” Now, of course, I pray that they find a cure for cancer. However, MY prayers for those suffering from cancer (and I have a dear uncle who is suffering from cancer) is not simply for a cure, but for a complete healing.

I think that people tend to forget that the God of the universe can heal people from disease and sickness.

So, for my darling niece Kallie, I pray that the Lord heal you, that the diabetes will be gone from your body in Jesus’ name and any other sickness that your sweet body deals with – that the Lord grant you health, wholeness and the power of the Holy Spirit.

For my dear Uncle Frank – may the Lord heal your body from all cancer and that strength be restored. I pray that all that has been stolen from you and your family in the areas of health and finances be restored 7 fold.

For those suffering from diseases and illnesses, I pray for the Lord’s touch on your lives – for a complete healing in Jesus’ name.