Trip to Starbucks

by c-mama

My espresso maker has not been working lately, so I headed out to Starbucks this morning for a latte. I took my boys with me and while the little guys (ages 6 and 4) and I were waiting by the serving “table”, the barrista pushed a drink to a customer. It didn’t slide across the surface too well, and instead, spilled, landing on my boys. It was an iced drink. Which is strange considering it is 65 and we are in South Florida. When the temperature goes below 75 everyone bundles up. We got a free drink coupon out of it, but what I really came away with today was God’s protection. Sure, the drink still spilled on the little ones, causing one to cry from surprise and the other to rub his head and tell me that it hurt a bit (from the ice), but it could have been much worse. Had that been a hot coffee, I’d probably be sitting at the hospital right now dealing with burns.

We serve an awesome God. The signs of his goodness and grace are everywhere if we care to look and find them. The spilling of the drink was done because the barrista was clumsy and not paying attention. The fact that it was an iced drink instead of a hot one was favor from on high.