Hearing from God

Hubby and I were watching “The Office” last night. One of the characters, Michael Scott, the boss of the office, told his boss, “I am impressed with the potential you see in me.” That statement was very funny since Michael is pretty much a joke “up at corporate” and his boss had to basically swallow his pride and ask Michael how his branch is doing so well.

That statement, “I am impressed with the potential you see in me” just made me laugh so I used it as my status update on Facebook.

After typing it out, I realized that it is a statement I should be saying to God. I AM impressed with the potential He sees in me. God’s way of working with us is usually different than how things are done in the world. In God’s Kingdom, people will be put into a position before they or anyone else really thinks they’re ready for the job. When God looks as us, He sees our potential. He doesn’t see where we came from or even where we are now, He sees what we can be.

Look at all the heroes in the bible. Let’s take Jacob, the father of the tribe of Israel. He was a deceiver from the time he was in the womb. He had to run away from home because he stole his brother’s birthright. He comes out of a wrestling match with the angel of the Lord a changed man, a man sharing the vision that the Lord has. God saw Jacob as the father of a mighty nation, as a man who shared the Lord’s vision for this nation, not as a deceiver, even when Jacob was a deceiver. A quick look at the rest of the heroes shows us the same thing; Moses, David, and the apostle Paul, to name a few.

So, my status remains, “I am impressed with the potential that you see in me” because I am.