by c-mama

Tonight, during the Alpha Course, Joel, who is leading the discussions, asked THE question, when were you saved? I sat there frustrated at the question. You see, ever since I left the Lutheran denomination, I’ve been asked when I became a Christian, when I got saved.

Tonight, however, I really started to think about a time when my relationship with Jesus changed.

I don’t have a date to point to. I’ve been a Christian since I can remember. It started with the head knowledge, of knowing that it is by grace that I have been saved, through faith, and this not from myself, it is a gift from God so that I cannot boast. I believed that with all my heart. I knew that if I died I would go to heaven.

From the time I left the denomination, my relationship with Jesus, something I didn’t realize I could have in the denomination, grew.

But I guess if I were to point to one specific time, I would point to the time I walked out of the church I was attending in Pompano Beach, never to return. I would not return because the attitudes of the people attending there would not accept me. I was 18, pregnant and not married. I guess that the sin that is evident is simply unforgivable. The only difference between me and them was that their tummies weren’t growing to show what their sin was.

I found forgiveness and acceptance and a place to call home at the “sister” congregation in Coral Springs, pastored by my current pastor, Randy Cutter. I suppose you could say I found Jesus there, because he sure was not in the people who “shunned” me.

Wow. I didn’t realize I still had anger issues over that.

But thanks to tonight’s course I can see that I need to forgive that congregation for not doing what they should have done, because they simply didn’t know better, and I had a date with destiny at the small pink church on Coral Springs Drive and with the family there who wouldn’t turn me away because they wanted me to know the love of Jesus.