As an intercessor, one of the things I pray regularly about is that the Church be unified. My desire is to see us all in one accord, all of us desiring the same thing – God’s Kingdom to manifest on earth; to see the blind receive sight, to see the deaf hear, to see those afflicted with cancer and other sicknesses and diseases completely healed.

I often get frustrated because I know that there are churches out there who simply do not believe that God moves in that way today.

Tonight I read an article written by Rick Joyner dated 1/26/09. He speaks of the power of unity and essentially says that the reason we don’t see unification is because we try to “unify around too much. The nation of Israel was only required to be in unity on two basic matters—worship and warfare. They were to worship Jehovah together in the manner and place He had prescribed, and they were to always be ready to mobilize and defend any of the other tribes that were attacked.

If the church would live by this same wisdom, her power, authority, size, wealth, and impact would multiply quickly. When we discuss being in unity about worship, we need to steer clear of the nuances that the Lord has given us liberty in, such as the style of music. However, we do need to be in unity about Who we worship and how complying with the biblical standards and teachings on morality, integrity, and other basics that should be common to all Christians. The Moravians stated the following: ‘In the basics there must be unity. In the other matters there must be liberty, and in all things there must be charity.’”

You can read the rest of the article here. It’s a good read, I encourage you to take the time.

God bless you.