Sound of Heaven, Symphony of Earth

by c-mama

Sound of Heaven

Sound of Heaven

I had a dream last night.

There was a group of us who were on a military base. We were stuck there and were waiting on rescue. I remember needing to run to the outside perimeter of the base because they were going to let loose these monkeys they had caged up. It was said that if the monkeys smelled us inside where they had been caged up, they would attack us. If we were outside the perimeter, they wouldn’t associate us with the base where they had been held captive. There was quite a mad rush for the people to get to the outside of the base.

We were all given motorcycles and were told to stay together but we would be riding on the right side of the highway, where the water was. There was less chance of those who were after us to get us.

But, we started getting shot at anyway. I thought that it was strange that we were all bundled up together, all riding motorcycles and, for the most part, all wearing black leather jackets and black leather pants and black helmets. Not too hard to miss. There were a few who discarded the jacket and wore jeans instead.

We were led to hide out in a room, but I was still nervous as all of the survivors were together in one room. It just didn’t seem to make sense for all of us to be hiding out in one room. Again, an easy target for those who wished us dead.

I discussed this dream with a friend of mine. I didn’t particularly like it since we were on the defensive instead of the offensive. She encouraged me that the Lord was telling me to seek strategy in the way I pray and when I lead the intercessory group. It made sense to me.

When I came home this afternoon, I searched for a book on intercession written by C. Peter Wagner. I cannot remember the name of the book right now and I cannot seem to find it. However, I found Sound of Heaven, Symphony Earth by Ray Hughes. I had also wanted to read that book since Randy, my pastor, mentioned in his sermon on Sunday a dream he had had a few years ago with Ray Hughes where Ray stated that the sound of the waters is about to become the sound of the earth.

In the first chapter, I read, “Through boldness and impartation, the lord will bring victories and cause us to be effective against our enemies. These victories will assure us of our spiritual authority in Christ, so we don’t waste our days in a defensive mode.” That right there showed me I was on the right path in regards to applying the interpretation of my dream.