Swirling Winds

by c-mama

This is a piece of prophetic worship art that I saw during a song sung by New Dawn Community Church worship team on Friday, April 17, 2009. I started crocheting the pinwheels on Tuesday, April 21 and finished the next day. On Thursday, April 23, I purchased the frame, mat and letters and put everything together.

Swirling Winds – prophetic worship art based on “Swirling Winds” written by Jacob Beechler and performed by New Dawn Community Church worship team.

Project completed 4/23/09

Doilies crocheted from size 5 metallic yarn and size 2 hook using pattern, “Whirlwind Courtship” in Magic Crochet, August 1992.

Here’s part of the song:

Swirling Winds Swirling Winds
Tiny funnels of power begin
The rain will come the wind will blow
Spinning colors of silver and gold

She lets loose the balloon and it’s lost in the sky
Something left her she stares at the balloon
Now it’s free, free from it’s tomb
Her hair whips in the winds of change
She feels death’s clutches let loose from her veins

She spins and spins with freedom and joy
spinning pictures of colors like ponds filled with koi
She sparks others who stare hypnotized
by the pastels and hues glittering in the skies

Swirling Winds

Swirling Winds