Emily’s skirt

by c-mama

Because my daughter helped me out with my latest project, I promised to make one for her.

She was intrigued with the idea of me making the cowl/scarf/hood a skirt as well. She likes wearing skirts/wraps over her jeans so I wasn’t concerned about the openness of the pattern. As in the latest project, I used a stitch from 101 Afghan Stitches and Caron Spa.

I decided on stitch 88, which is a puff stitch. But because I was using an H hook with this yarn, the openness was more than what I had anticipated. But I liked working with the hook and liked how the stitch was coming out using the larger hook so I added a row of dc in between the puff stitch.

It’s coming out nicely, I think. I’m on my (hopefully) last skein of yarn for this project. It’s taking a bit more yarn than the lacy cowl. If I make another one of these in a larger size, I’ll have to use more yarn.