Blogging & Current W.I.P. – velvet soft wave blanket

by c-mama

I’m not very good at keeping a blog. I think it’s a mixture of, “how much information do I share that can be seen by all?” and, “who really cares to peek into my life?”

But I’m going to try this again.

Today’s agenda is to make sure the kids do their schoolwork and chores and I want to be able to get more work done on the Velvet Soft Wave Blanket.

I recently purchased 14 skeins of Lion Brand Suede. 7 skeins of eggplant and 7 skeins of ecru to go along with the skeins of Lion Brand Homespun in Baroque. I perused through Lion Brand’s website to get an idea of some patterns that would work well with these yarns. I was going to use a pattern where I would use all three yarns together at once. However, I would have to use a huge hook and using the P hook hurts my hand. So I chose a pattern called “New Wave Throw”. I’m using mostly the suede with homespun in between. It’s turning out rather nicely. I’ve always wanted to do a blanket in mostly suede. I need to decide whether I’m going to keep it, sell it, or give it away as a gift. I’d like it to sell as I’m saving up for some bookshelves for my yarn.

Here’s a photo of the pattern from Lion Brand’s site. I’ll post a picture of my blanket when I’ve completed it.