Missed photo opportunity

by c-mama

I love photos. I often surf Flickr and just let my eyes drink in the beauty of some of the photos there.

I try taking my own, but I’m no photographer. It’s ok. I take the photos for me, not anyone else. But yesterday I missed a photo opportunity due to my emotions getting the best of me.

I was leaving Sam’s Club after doing the bulk of my grocery shopping. I had a package of strawberries on top of the package of paper towels on the hand cart. As I pushed the cart down the slope from the sidewalk to the road, the strawberries fell off and spilled onto the ground. I was so sad about losing those strawberries that I just started picking them up off the ground and putting them back in their container so I could throw them away. As I finished I realized that I missed an opportunity. It really would have made for a nice photo.

I think I’ll take more time to look for those opportunities and not let my emotions get in the way.