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Difficulty writing

I don’t know if it’s the new administration or what, but I’m finding it very difficult to write anything as of late.

I don’t worry about offending anyone. I’m conservative in my political beliefs, mourned for our country when I saw that so many Christians voted for Obama and I’m head over heels in love with my Savior.

I believe in the supernatural and try to live my life for my Lord.

But I’m also of the thinking that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

What’s going on in the US today? Economic upheaval, the current administration is doing all they can to kill all unborn life and it’s depressing if you don’t have your focus on the Lord.

I have strong opinions on what is going on, but I’ve been focusing more on prayer. I’ve been praying that the Church will wake up and place God on His throne again. The things that are going on in the world today is because the Church has forgotten to pray, she has forgotten she has power to make a difference in the world.


Sound of Heaven, Symphony of Earth

Sound of Heaven

Sound of Heaven

I had a dream last night.

There was a group of us who were on a military base. We were stuck there and were waiting on rescue. I remember needing to run to the outside perimeter of the base because they were going to let loose these monkeys they had caged up. It was said that if the monkeys smelled us inside where they had been caged up, they would attack us. If we were outside the perimeter, they wouldn’t associate us with the base where they had been held captive. There was quite a mad rush for the people to get to the outside of the base.

We were all given motorcycles and were told to stay together but we would be riding on the right side of the highway, where the water was. There was less chance of those who were after us to get us.

But, we started getting shot at anyway. I thought that it was strange that we were all bundled up together, all riding motorcycles and, for the most part, all wearing black leather jackets and black leather pants and black helmets. Not too hard to miss. There were a few who discarded the jacket and wore jeans instead.

We were led to hide out in a room, but I was still nervous as all of the survivors were together in one room. It just didn’t seem to make sense for all of us to be hiding out in one room. Again, an easy target for those who wished us dead.

I discussed this dream with a friend of mine. I didn’t particularly like it since we were on the defensive instead of the offensive. She encouraged me that the Lord was telling me to seek strategy in the way I pray and when I lead the intercessory group. It made sense to me.

When I came home this afternoon, I searched for a book on intercession written by C. Peter Wagner. I cannot remember the name of the book right now and I cannot seem to find it. However, I found Sound of Heaven, Symphony Earth by Ray Hughes. I had also wanted to read that book since Randy, my pastor, mentioned in his sermon on Sunday a dream he had had a few years ago with Ray Hughes where Ray stated that the sound of the waters is about to become the sound of the earth.

In the first chapter, I read, “Through boldness and impartation, the lord will bring victories and cause us to be effective against our enemies. These victories will assure us of our spiritual authority in Christ, so we don’t waste our days in a defensive mode.” That right there showed me I was on the right path in regards to applying the interpretation of my dream.


As an intercessor, one of the things I pray regularly about is that the Church be unified. My desire is to see us all in one accord, all of us desiring the same thing – God’s Kingdom to manifest on earth; to see the blind receive sight, to see the deaf hear, to see those afflicted with cancer and other sicknesses and diseases completely healed.

I often get frustrated because I know that there are churches out there who simply do not believe that God moves in that way today.

Tonight I read an article written by Rick Joyner dated 1/26/09. He speaks of the power of unity and essentially says that the reason we don’t see unification is because we try to “unify around too much. The nation of Israel was only required to be in unity on two basic matters—worship and warfare. They were to worship Jehovah together in the manner and place He had prescribed, and they were to always be ready to mobilize and defend any of the other tribes that were attacked.

If the church would live by this same wisdom, her power, authority, size, wealth, and impact would multiply quickly. When we discuss being in unity about worship, we need to steer clear of the nuances that the Lord has given us liberty in, such as the style of music. However, we do need to be in unity about Who we worship and how complying with the biblical standards and teachings on morality, integrity, and other basics that should be common to all Christians. The Moravians stated the following: ‘In the basics there must be unity. In the other matters there must be liberty, and in all things there must be charity.’”

You can read the rest of the article here. It’s a good read, I encourage you to take the time.

God bless you.

Consider it pure joy

As I face today, Inauguration Day, I do so without much excitement. In fact, I wish that I could go back in time and somehow shake the Church to wake up and see the man they are so excited about to be president for what he is. He does not want to protect the life of the unborn, he does not want to protect the lives of those babies who survive abortion. He is wanting to fund those who want to snuff the life out of the defenseless, those we need to step in and protect.

I won’t get into the other reasons I don’t this this man is right to lead out country because those reasons are miles behind the abortion issue.

But our country has chosen it’s leader. Or, rather, they have allowed the media to choose our leader. Either way, they have spoken.

But as I sit here, wondering what today will bring and fighting back feelings of sadness and dread, I hear the still, small voice remind me to consider it pure joy.

James 1:2-8
2Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. 4Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. 5If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. 6But when he asks, he must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind. 7That man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord; 8he is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does.

I don’t want to fear and I don’t want to be sad. Christians need to be joyful and overcomers, not simply survivors. I don’t want to simply survive during this time. I want to be an overcomer.

During these next four years, I want to remember to pray for our president’s safety, to pray that the Lord change his heart. I also pray that the Church unify so we can all hear clearly from the Lord on how to pray for this nation.

My thoughts are scrambled, but I will try to walk in joy today. It shouldn’t be hard. The God of the universe loves me and desires to draw me close to Him. What else matters?


Tonight, during the Alpha Course, Joel, who is leading the discussions, asked THE question, when were you saved? I sat there frustrated at the question. You see, ever since I left the Lutheran denomination, I’ve been asked when I became a Christian, when I got saved.

Tonight, however, I really started to think about a time when my relationship with Jesus changed.

I don’t have a date to point to. I’ve been a Christian since I can remember. It started with the head knowledge, of knowing that it is by grace that I have been saved, through faith, and this not from myself, it is a gift from God so that I cannot boast. I believed that with all my heart. I knew that if I died I would go to heaven.

From the time I left the denomination, my relationship with Jesus, something I didn’t realize I could have in the denomination, grew.

But I guess if I were to point to one specific time, I would point to the time I walked out of the church I was attending in Pompano Beach, never to return. I would not return because the attitudes of the people attending there would not accept me. I was 18, pregnant and not married. I guess that the sin that is evident is simply unforgivable. The only difference between me and them was that their tummies weren’t growing to show what their sin was.

I found forgiveness and acceptance and a place to call home at the “sister” congregation in Coral Springs, pastored by my current pastor, Randy Cutter. I suppose you could say I found Jesus there, because he sure was not in the people who “shunned” me.

Wow. I didn’t realize I still had anger issues over that.

But thanks to tonight’s course I can see that I need to forgive that congregation for not doing what they should have done, because they simply didn’t know better, and I had a date with destiny at the small pink church on Coral Springs Drive and with the family there who wouldn’t turn me away because they wanted me to know the love of Jesus.

Hearing from God

Hubby and I were watching “The Office” last night. One of the characters, Michael Scott, the boss of the office, told his boss, “I am impressed with the potential you see in me.” That statement was very funny since Michael is pretty much a joke “up at corporate” and his boss had to basically swallow his pride and ask Michael how his branch is doing so well.

That statement, “I am impressed with the potential you see in me” just made me laugh so I used it as my status update on Facebook.

After typing it out, I realized that it is a statement I should be saying to God. I AM impressed with the potential He sees in me. God’s way of working with us is usually different than how things are done in the world. In God’s Kingdom, people will be put into a position before they or anyone else really thinks they’re ready for the job. When God looks as us, He sees our potential. He doesn’t see where we came from or even where we are now, He sees what we can be.

Look at all the heroes in the bible. Let’s take Jacob, the father of the tribe of Israel. He was a deceiver from the time he was in the womb. He had to run away from home because he stole his brother’s birthright. He comes out of a wrestling match with the angel of the Lord a changed man, a man sharing the vision that the Lord has. God saw Jacob as the father of a mighty nation, as a man who shared the Lord’s vision for this nation, not as a deceiver, even when Jacob was a deceiver. A quick look at the rest of the heroes shows us the same thing; Moses, David, and the apostle Paul, to name a few.

So, my status remains, “I am impressed with the potential that you see in me” because I am.

We serve an awesome God

“We serve an awesome God. The signs of his goodness and grace are everywhere if we care to look and find them.”

I posted this in my previous post. I posted this BEFORE the US Airways plane landed in the Hudson River. It is awesome that the pilot was able to land the way he did and that every passenger’s life was spared.

Just another sign of God’s glorious mercy.

Trip to Starbucks

My espresso maker has not been working lately, so I headed out to Starbucks this morning for a latte. I took my boys with me and while the little guys (ages 6 and 4) and I were waiting by the serving “table”, the barrista pushed a drink to a customer. It didn’t slide across the surface too well, and instead, spilled, landing on my boys. It was an iced drink. Which is strange considering it is 65 and we are in South Florida. When the temperature goes below 75 everyone bundles up. We got a free drink coupon out of it, but what I really came away with today was God’s protection. Sure, the drink still spilled on the little ones, causing one to cry from surprise and the other to rub his head and tell me that it hurt a bit (from the ice), but it could have been much worse. Had that been a hot coffee, I’d probably be sitting at the hospital right now dealing with burns.

We serve an awesome God. The signs of his goodness and grace are everywhere if we care to look and find them. The spilling of the drink was done because the barrista was clumsy and not paying attention. The fact that it was an iced drink instead of a hot one was favor from on high.

Pray for a cure

I just received an e-mail that simply said, “Dear God, I pray for a cure for cancer.” Now, of course, I pray that they find a cure for cancer. However, MY prayers for those suffering from cancer (and I have a dear uncle who is suffering from cancer) is not simply for a cure, but for a complete healing.

I think that people tend to forget that the God of the universe can heal people from disease and sickness.

So, for my darling niece Kallie, I pray that the Lord heal you, that the diabetes will be gone from your body in Jesus’ name and any other sickness that your sweet body deals with – that the Lord grant you health, wholeness and the power of the Holy Spirit.

For my dear Uncle Frank – may the Lord heal your body from all cancer and that strength be restored. I pray that all that has been stolen from you and your family in the areas of health and finances be restored 7 fold.

For those suffering from diseases and illnesses, I pray for the Lord’s touch on your lives – for a complete healing in Jesus’ name.

Blue Jay – The Shack

Whenever I see a blue jay, I am reminded that God is thinking of me. I probably blogged about it, so I’ll not get into it here.

Today I picked up “The Shack”, determined to get into it. Everyone I know who read it promised me a good read. I simply had a difficult time getting into it due to the fact that I haven’t read fiction in a while.

Well, I got past that and I’m into it, so much so not to want to put it down.

Then I get to page 97.

Elousia and Mack are having a conversation. Mack says, “I feel totally lost.”
“Then let’s see if we can find you in this mess.”
Almost as if on cue, a blue jay landed on the kitchen windowsill and began strutting back and forth. (Elousia) reached into a tin on the counter and, sliding the window open, offered Mr. Jay a mixture of grains that she must have kept just for that purpose. Without any hesitation, and with a seeming air of humility and thankfulness, the bird walked straight to her hand and began feeding.

That brings new revelation to my blue jay sightings. I will be thinking that when I see them, the Lord wants to find me in my mess.