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Missed photo opportunity

I love photos. I often surf Flickr and just let my eyes drink in the beauty of some of the photos there.

I try taking my own, but I’m no photographer. It’s ok. I take the photos for me, not anyone else. But yesterday I missed a photo opportunity due to my emotions getting the best of me.

I was leaving Sam’s Club after doing the bulk of my grocery shopping. I had a package of strawberries on top of the package of paper towels on the hand cart. As I pushed the cart down the slope from the sidewalk to the road, the strawberries fell off and spilled onto the ground. I was so sad about losing those strawberries that I just started picking them up off the ground and putting them back in their container so I could throw them away. As I finished I realized that I missed an opportunity. It really would have made for a nice photo.

I think I’ll take more time to look for those opportunities and not let my emotions get in the way.


Christmas 2010

Gingerbread People Doily
Designed by Agnes Russell
Crochet World December 2008, Page 8

Ginny Gingerbread Doll
Designed by Jocelyn Sass
Crochet World December 2008, Page 12

Beaded Treetop Angel
Designed by Sheila Leslie
Crochet World December 2008, Page 24

Delicate Snowflakes
Designed by Lori Zeller
Crochet World December 2008, Page 26

Woven Christmas Mat
Designed by Louise Puchaty
Crochet World December 2008, page 28

7-Hour Tree Skirt
Designed by Katherine Eng
Crochet World December 2008, Page 32

Flower of the Month Pins
Designed by Jane Brown
Crochet! November 2008, Page 14

Double Take (slippers)
Designed by Darla Sims
Crochet! November 2008, Page 34

Have A Ball (ornament)
Designed by Kj Hay
crochet Today! November/December 2009, Page 14

Gingerbread House
Designed by Carolyn Christmas
crochet Today! November/December 2009, Page 22

Retro Ripples Skirt
Designed by Regina Rioux Gonzalez
crochet Today! November/December 2009, Page 26

Candy Shop Ornaments
Designed by Susan Jeffers
crochet Today! November/December 2009, Page 30

Little Drummer Set
Designed by Sally Byme
crochet Today! November/December 2009, Page 41

Star of Wonder (doily)
Designed by Mayumi Sato
Magic Crochet October 1987, Page 51

White on Red
Designed by Mayumi Sato
Magic Crochet October 1987, Page 55

Bells Tray Mat
Designed by Mayumi Sato
Magic Crochet December 1987, Page 11

Choir of Angels
Designed by Joan Glass
Magic Crochet December 1987, Page 30

Yuletide Ornaments
Designed by Margaret Yates
Magic Crochet October 1988, Page 10

Holly Hexagon
Designed by Mayumi Sato
Magic Crochet October 1988, Page 13

Red Candles on Blue
Designed by Mayumi Sato
Magic Crochet October 1988, Page 23

Wall Hanging with Angels
Designed by Mayumi Sato
Magic Crochet October 1988, Page 26

Poinsettia Oval Mat
Designed by Mayumi Sato
Magic Crochet October 1988, Page 29

Holly Oval
Designed by Hiroki Furuya
Magic Crochet October 1993, Page 10

Holiday Coasters
Designed by Mayumi Sato
Magic Crochet October 1993, Page 21

Bell Wreath
Designed by Fujiko Takagi
Magic Crochet October 1992, Page 4

Merry Moblie
Magic Crochet October 2001, Page 16

Shower of Stars
Magic Crochet October 2001, Page 31

Heart of Gold
Designed by Gisela Maier
Magic Crochet October 2001, Page 36

Star of Bethlehem
Designed by Gisela Maier
Magic Crochet October 2001, Page 37

Star II
Designed by Gisela Maier
Magic Crochet October 2001, Page 42

Star I
Designed by Gisela Maier
Magic Crochet October 2001, Page 44

Star Tray
Magic Crochet October 2001, Page 48

Irish Coasters
Designed by Yoko Suzuki
Magic Crochet October 2002, Page 12

Little Angel
Magic Crochet October 2002, Page 42

Frozen Tear
Magic Crochet October 2002, Page 44

Bright Star
Magic Crochet October 2002, Page 66

Little Angel Friends
Designed by Martha Ess
Fast & Fun Crochet Winter 2000, page 9

Christmas Bell
Designed by Lauri Grammer
Fast & Fun Crochet Winter 2000, Page 20

Pineapple Star Doily
Designed by Laura Gebhardt
Fast & Fun Crochet Winter 2000, Page 30

Touch of Gold Potpourri Set
Designed by Stacy Graham
Fast & Fun Crochet Winter 2000, Page 39

Holiday Stockings
Designed by Noreen Crone-Findlay for Caron International
Crochet! November 2007, Page 68

Christmas Characters
Designed by Shelia Leslie
Crochet! November 2007, Page 72

Blogging & Current W.I.P. – velvet soft wave blanket

I’m not very good at keeping a blog. I think it’s a mixture of, “how much information do I share that can be seen by all?” and, “who really cares to peek into my life?”

But I’m going to try this again.

Today’s agenda is to make sure the kids do their schoolwork and chores and I want to be able to get more work done on the Velvet Soft Wave Blanket.

I recently purchased 14 skeins of Lion Brand Suede. 7 skeins of eggplant and 7 skeins of ecru to go along with the skeins of Lion Brand Homespun in Baroque. I perused through Lion Brand’s website to get an idea of some patterns that would work well with these yarns. I was going to use a pattern where I would use all three yarns together at once. However, I would have to use a huge hook and using the P hook hurts my hand. So I chose a pattern called “New Wave Throw”. I’m using mostly the suede with homespun in between. It’s turning out rather nicely. I’ve always wanted to do a blanket in mostly suede. I need to decide whether I’m going to keep it, sell it, or give it away as a gift. I’d like it to sell as I’m saving up for some bookshelves for my yarn.

Here’s a photo of the pattern from Lion Brand’s site. I’ll post a picture of my blanket when I’ve completed it.


a prophet is not honored in his home

Luke 4:24-27

Then He said, “Assuredly, I say to you, no prophet is accepted in his own country. But I tell you truly, many widows were in Israel in the days of Elijah, when heaven was shut up three years and months, and there was a great famine throughout all the land; but to none of them was Elijah sent except to Zarephath, in the region of Sidon, to a woman who was a widow. And many lepers were in Israel in the time of Elisha the prophet, and none of them was cleansed except Naaman the Syrian.”

Commentary from Bible Gateway

…Jesus quotes the proverb that a prophet is not honored in his home. This remark reveals Jesus’ understanding of Old Testament history. He knows how repeatedly God’s messengers were rejected. This theme will also surface continually in Luke (11:49-52; 13:32-35; 20:10-12: Acts 7:51-53). God’s message is often met with rejection. The proverb also serves as a prediction that for many in Israel Jesus’ ministry will fit into this tragic mold.

… Jesus recalls the history of Israel in the period of Elijah and Elisha (1 Kings 17–18; 2 Kings 5:1-14). The history lesson is a warning. That period was a low point in the nation’s life, when rejection of God was at an all-time high and idolatry and unfaithfulness ran rampant. So God moved his works of mercy outside the nation into Gentile regions, as only a widow in Sidon and Naaman the Syrian experienced God’s healing. The price of rejecting God’s message is severe: mercy moves on to other locales. It is quite risky to walk away from God’s offer of deliverance. This exchange reveals the basic challenge of Jesus’ ministry: the choice he presents carries high stakes.


I am saving up to get 2 Billy Bookcases from IKEA to house the yarn. In preparation, I have moved the majority of my yarn from a dresser to a bookshelf. It’s nice to be able to see what yarn I have instead of it being stowed away inside a drawer.

I’ve put a bunch of yarn into gallon size Ziploc baggies so I can keep lots of the same yarn together. I’m also going to be winding the majority of the yarn into balls, making it easier to crochet.

I’ll be keeping the yarn sorted by color and then by weight.

Again, it’s very exciting to be able to see what I have on hand. I think it will help stir up creativity.

Supernatural ~ Blanket

A little over a month ago, some time towards the end of July, beginning of August, I started thinking about making a blanket for our bed. I had been making some personalized baby blankets for friends following a pattern designed by someone else. I wanted to make something that was all mine.

I had in mind a patchwork quilt-type blanket out of granny squares and solid portions. While making up squares for my blanket, I kept seeing colors from a pair of booties I had made and decided I’d put my blanket aside and work on another to sell on Etsy. I wanted more than just the two colors of black and purple, though, so I went searching through my stash for a third color. I found a green that made for an interesting addition to the colors, mapped out a pattern and got started.

Many times while making this blanket, I questioned the combination of colors I chose. I’m pretty conservative, not one to put wild colors together. I know these probably don’t seem too wild, but for me, this combination was. But upon seeing the finished product, I was really happy with it.

I named this “Supernatural” because as I was making this, the colors reminded me of “The Hulk” and also “The Count” on Sesame Street. My mind was also drawn to comic books whenever I was making it, so, what better name than “Supernatural”? 🙂

On future blankets, I’m going to see about cross-stitching words and images on the solid shapes. I’m excited to see what else I can come up with. 🙂


Etsy Listing

Emily’s skirt

Because my daughter helped me out with my latest project, I promised to make one for her.

She was intrigued with the idea of me making the cowl/scarf/hood a skirt as well. She likes wearing skirts/wraps over her jeans so I wasn’t concerned about the openness of the pattern. As in the latest project, I used a stitch from 101 Afghan Stitches and Caron Spa.

I decided on stitch 88, which is a puff stitch. But because I was using an H hook with this yarn, the openness was more than what I had anticipated. But I liked working with the hook and liked how the stitch was coming out using the larger hook so I added a row of dc in between the puff stitch.

It’s coming out nicely, I think. I’m on my (hopefully) last skein of yarn for this project. It’s taking a bit more yarn than the lacy cowl. If I make another one of these in a larger size, I’ll have to use more yarn.

Lacy Cowl

I don’t know how long ago it was. A year, maybe two. I normally write my dreams down. Ok, so I don’t write them down as often as I should. At least I remember this one. I was in a building that sits between two financial institutions here in town. From the day they built this section, this building was empty. In my dream, however, it was a library. Interesting since it sits on the perimeter of the library parking lot. Anyway, I’m in this building and it’s a library. Small, but a library. I’m sitting at a table crocheting. Shocker, I know. I was making a cylinder shaped item. But I did not know what it was. When I woke up from the dream I decided to crochet it. And I did. I still did not know what it was.

While surfing Etsy I found it. It was not the same pattern or color, but there it was. A cowl. So I set out to make a second one to sell on Etsy. I’m keeping the first. I may not wear it, but it was something I literally dreamed up. 🙂

My daughter and I went over to Michael’s. I had been wanting an excuse to get my hands on some Caron Spa so I picked up a few skeins. My daughter picked out the color, Misty Taupe. She’s got a thing for silver and thought this color was very close. I told her since she helped me pick out the color, I’d make her one as well using the same color.

I searched through my book 101 Stitches for Afghans and decided on stitch #95 and an I hook.

I really loved working with this yarn. It’s so silky, soft, and light. I had wanted to make this a scarf/hood/cowl/skirt. This one was a bit too big for my daughter to wear as a skirt and since she was the model, I scrapped that idea for this particular project.

I was quite happy with the results and my daughter liked it enough for me to make her one in a different stitch.

Lacy Cowl 9

Etsy listing

Items for sale on Etsy

I have placed 10 items for sale on Etsy.

There are 6 pairs of baby booties, a framed piece of art, and three lovely afghans.

For sale on Etsy

Jireh’s set

I whipped up another Personalized blanket and booties for a friend’s baby-to-be.

They will be naming her Jireh.

I used Caron Simply Soft in Plum Wine and Raspberry.