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Crochet Overlay Jewelry

I recently purchased “Crochet Overlay Jewelry” by Melody MacDuffee. I had purchased 2 Trixie Belden books from Amazon for my daughter with some babysitting money I owed her. But the total was less than $25 and they qualified for free shipping on orders $25 or more. So, I went searching for a crochet book.

It came in the mail today. First, let me say that this book is different than other pattern books I have seen. Melody has a nice “Welcome” in the front of the book briefly describing what overlay crochet is. Besides an apparently gifted crocheter, she is also a gifted writer. The next section of the book is the General Instructions. Normally I do not read these. But, normal crochet pattern books do not have 5 pages of instructions. They simply have the patterns, which are the instructions to the project. Melody takes the time to let the reader know that they do not have to strictly stick to the patterns. She gives suggestions such as larger hooks and yarns if crocheting with sewing thread is intimidating or impossible. I think that’s great for new crocheters to know. When I first began crocheting I thought I had to use the colors/yarns/hooks that the pattern called for. LOL Very funny now, but that’s what I thought.

After Melody speaks about the general instructions of overlay crochet, assembly and beading, there is a Stitch Dictionary.

Then come the patterns. They seem to be written very clearly and come with diagrams. The photos are color and simply exquisite.

The only downside to receiving this book is the commitment I have on making 2 1/2 more blankets before June 24. Oh, how I want to try my hand at crochet overlay!!!!! Well, I’ll make time on our trip to work this.


When Kings Pray and Fast

Originally posted May 11, 2007

I had finished the book I started this past week. That’s quite an accomplishment. Why? Because it’s been YEARS since I have been able to read a book all the way through.

The title of this book is When Kings Pray and Fast by Kingsly Fletcher. It’s an AWESOME book. And it’s not talking about when the kings of this world pray and fast. It’s talking about when WE as kings pray and fast. Revelation 1:4-6 shows us that we are kings and priests with Christ.

I usually accompany my husband to church on Thursday nights. He’s there to practice with the worship team and I’m there to get out of the house and spend some time by myself. 🙂

I left my computer at home (on purpose) and brought my crochet and the book. I was left alone for a good 10 minutes and started reading the book. I started weeping while reading it. Not because of anything the authored had said, but because of what I believe the Lord was working in me through the book. So, I got up from the table where I was at and moved into the “mother’s nursing room” so I could be alone when people started showing up. I spent the next 2 1/2 hours in that room reading, praying, weeping, interceding for certain things. Let me tell you it was the most awesome 2 1/2 hours I have ever spent. I also finished the book. I read over 200 pages in that time. I came out of that room completely refreshed. It was awesome.

Now, I don’t know if the Lord will do that to everyone who reads this book, but I started this book for a reason. I know that a fast is to abstain from food or to abstain from SOMETHING. But I needed to dive deeper into the life of prayer and fasting. This book opened my spirit to that. It showed me the importance of a life of prayer and fasting. I pray. But the fasting part has always been a bit of a struggle with me. Knowing more about this has changed my mind.

If you are at all interested in the life of prayer and fasting, I suggest you get this book. I would even loan it to you if you are unsure if you want to purchase it.

More on The Da Vinci Code – Opus Dei

Last night, we were given a book by Josh McDowell called, “The Da Vinci Code – A Quest for Answers”. It’s a short book with 3 college aged characters discussing the movie and then reading the book together and meeting up once a week to discuss the book. One of the characters has done research on some of the organizations and events that occur in the book. When the other two raise questions, he pulls out the research he has found.

I have not read the book. I have not seen the movie. The only way I will read the book or see the movie is if I do not have to put down any money for it. I do not believe in giving people my money who deliberately mock God’s word. Although I trust Josh McDowell and trust that his book is a reavealing of falsehoods in Dan Brown’s book, I wanted to research for myself, which I am sure that Josh would be more than happy to see people doing.

I start with the first discussion in Josh’s book – The Opus Dei. This is a real organization. According to their site and on a page talking about the book and movie, they let truth seekers know that most of the organization is made up of lay people and 2% are priests. But there are no monks in this organization.

I have been hearing that this movie is entertaining and well done. These people have been taking it in as fiction, pure and simple. They also recognize the falshoods stated in the movie and some disagree with what he has said about Christ. My question is, how can a book and movie with so many falsehoods in it do so well? I understand that it’s a novel and not marketed as a documentary, however, having truthful statements about events and organizations is nice to be able to get into the story. Many people get angry and upset when a book or movie is inconsistant or incorrect in their portrayal of firearms. I know I am. When a character has a certain firearm and in the next scene he has a different one in hand (this happens alot) or when the character uses the firearm in a way that particular firearm – if real – cannot work. But when a Christian voices concern about a movie depicting Christianity in such poor lighting we are told, how can a book or movie shake you in your faith? My faith is not shaken. But I do not appreciate the lies that are being told in this book.

The Da Vinci Code

Rick Joyner at Morningstar Ministries had some good information on the book, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I encourage anyone wanting to seek out truth on this to include this on your list of things to read.

The Da Vinci Code and The Gospel of Judas
Rick Joyner’s Word of the Week for week 19 also touches on this.