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W.I.P.s and Finished project

I finished my friends’ blanket for their baby yesterday. I’m pleased with it. I hope they are, too. 🙂

I am working on finishing the Butterfly Garden Afghan, making up some hats for the kids and getting ideas for another baby blanket with a Sydney Australian look.

The Butterfly Garden Afghan made some progress last night, I am down to working only one skein of yarn on the blanket. The colors are finished and I only have about 2-3 inches left of the blanket to crochet. Then comes the cross-stitching of the butterflies.

I’ll see about getting photos of the afghan and hats sometime today.


Butterfly Garden – day 5

This is the progress I’ve made on the blanket.  This blanket is great because of the color changes and the alternating stitches.  Keeps my mind busy.  The border is a light green and yellow.  The yellow is difficult to see in the photos, but you can see it in “real life”.

It can get quite messy, but the process is fun and worth it.  🙂

Butterfly Garden update

I am really liking the way this stitch is coming out.  It’s called an SAS (smocked afghan stitch) and alternates between the basic and the purl afghan stitches.  It’s a lovely pattern.  One or two more rows before I add a change of color into the mix, adding the background to cross-stitch the picture onto.

Butterfly Garden


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I’m currently working up this blanket. Instead of the flecked border, it will be dark green. The flecked comes in a yarn I’m not fond of so I thought the green would make a nice substitute.

I’m using Caron Simply Soft Dark Sage for the border and Bone for the inside portion.  I’m using a size J afghan hook.  When I made the Panda blanket, I used my H afghan cable hook.  It’s the only cabled afghan hook I have, so that’s what I use.  However, I picked up a non-cabled afghan hook at Joanne’s a few months back – the only one they had – size J (10).  The pattern calls for an H, but I crochet tight.  So, maybe, for once, this blanket will be close to the size the pattern says it will be.

I was wishing that I had made the Panda blanket larger, but I’m not interested in spending time reworking patterns to make them fit what I want.  I just want to open the book and start crocheting.

My joy comes from crocheting, not from designing.

So, using Caron Simply Soft and a J afghan hook, I’m hoping that this blanket will be a nice, soft, large, beautiful blanket.  😀