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Polymer Clay Crochet Hook Handle – redo

D Hook redo

I had covered a D crochet hook in polymer clay (Sculpey III) and used it to work on the Kitty Bag. Tapestry crochet is very tight, and I crochet tight, so, this is a very, very, tight project. My hook almost snapped in two. Even though Carol Ventura strongly encouraged to cover the flat part of the crochet hook, I did not. I use the flat part to rest my forefinger on and I wanted to always see the size. Well, because of how tight I crochet, the hook started to snap on that flat portion of the hook.

I took a pliers and removed the old handle (in pieces) and then made a new handle, covering the flat portion. Hopefully I will be able to use this hook for the Kitty Bag project, anyway. 🙂


Polymer Clay Hooks

I have a set of Susan Bates Aluminum Hooks with bamboo handles. However, they only start at size G. It was no problem since I was on a blanket making frenzy, but I’m wanting to go back to threads and smaller yarns.

The problem is that my hands are so used to the bamboo handles that they hurt when I use the smaller hooks. I decided to make some polymer clay handles on my smaller sized hooks. They came out pretty cool. I was going to do all my steel hooks, but then I found the Boye® Interchangeable Head Crochet Hook Set, 14 Hooks. So, I just added a handle to the hook I’m using now and when my set comes in, I’ll see if I need to add a handle to the Boye handle or not.

Anyway, here’s my little trip into polymer land.

Polymer Clay Hooks

1. Hooks with clay handles, 2. Shell on Thread hook, 3. Thread Hook in hand, 4. Polymer Clay Crochet Hook


I like bamboo. The Coats and Clark Collection at Herrschners has a set of 8 Susan Bathes crochet hooks with bamboo handles on sale for $12.97. I purchased mine this afternoon.

I was hoping Michael’s would have them. I’d be willing to spend a bit more per hook to save on shipping and have them now. But, they didn’t have them. It’s alright. I can wait. I’m going to have to. 🙂

It was a good day. I got the yarn I wanted because it was still at $1.99 a ball. I ordered the hooks I wanted. Yup. A good day.