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I am saving up to get 2 Billy Bookcases from IKEA to house the yarn. In preparation, I have moved the majority of my yarn from a dresser to a bookshelf. It’s nice to be able to see what yarn I have instead of it being stowed away inside a drawer.

I’ve put a bunch of yarn into gallon size Ziploc baggies so I can keep lots of the same yarn together. I’m also going to be winding the majority of the yarn into balls, making it easier to crochet.

I’ll be keeping the yarn sorted by color and then by weight.

Again, it’s very exciting to be able to see what I have on hand. I think it will help stir up creativity.


Supernatural ~ Blanket

A little over a month ago, some time towards the end of July, beginning of August, I started thinking about making a blanket for our bed. I had been making some personalized baby blankets for friends following a pattern designed by someone else. I wanted to make something that was all mine.

I had in mind a patchwork quilt-type blanket out of granny squares and solid portions. While making up squares for my blanket, I kept seeing colors from a pair of booties I had made and decided I’d put my blanket aside and work on another to sell on Etsy. I wanted more than just the two colors of black and purple, though, so I went searching through my stash for a third color. I found a green that made for an interesting addition to the colors, mapped out a pattern and got started.

Many times while making this blanket, I questioned the combination of colors I chose. I’m pretty conservative, not one to put wild colors together. I know these probably don’t seem too wild, but for me, this combination was. But upon seeing the finished product, I was really happy with it.

I named this “Supernatural” because as I was making this, the colors reminded me of “The Hulk” and also “The Count” on Sesame Street. My mind was also drawn to comic books whenever I was making it, so, what better name than “Supernatural”? 🙂

On future blankets, I’m going to see about cross-stitching words and images on the solid shapes. I’m excited to see what else I can come up with. 🙂


Etsy Listing

Items for sale on Etsy

I have placed 10 items for sale on Etsy.

There are 6 pairs of baby booties, a framed piece of art, and three lovely afghans.

For sale on Etsy

Jireh’s set

I whipped up another Personalized blanket and booties for a friend’s baby-to-be.

They will be naming her Jireh.

I used Caron Simply Soft in Plum Wine and Raspberry.


Naomi’s Sunshiny Day

Naomi's set

Blanket made using Kim Guzman’s pattern, Personalized Baby Afghan. I used Caron Simply Soft and an I hook. The blanket measures approximately 31″ x 33.5″.

Booties were made with leftover yarn for the upper parts of the booties and Red Heart Soft for the soles. I used 11 mm buttons. The pattern was designed by Sylvia Schuchardt from Sylver Designs.

Houndstooth Tunisian Baby Blanket

Some friends of ours at church are expecting a baby girl in August. I had in mind to make a certain blanket that I saw in a pattern book I had, Tunisian Baby Blankets by Kim Guzman. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the book.

After doing a search online, I found that I could download the book (the BEST option IMHO since the pattern is now on my computer!). So I was able to download the pattern and get started on it.

I’m using a size K afghan hook and Bernat Baby Sport in lilac and white.

Sun and Sand Tote

I’m working up a tote bag made with yarn doilies crocheted around plastic rings. The pattern is found in Crochet Today! July/August 2009, page 40. It is designed by Mary Jane Hall.

Since I was unable to find plastic ring, my awesome husband took me to Home Depot. We picked up some Vinyl tubing and poly tubing and I made my own plastic rings.

I’m interested in seeing how this is going to turn out.

I’m using Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Sport in Kiwi and a G hook.

6/22/09 – I finished the tote today. I found the pattern simple enough with just enough work to keep me focused. It’s a perfect tote for my W.I.P.s. This is probably a pattern I won’t mind working up again. It measures approx. 14.5″ w x 9.5″ l (not including handles) x 6.5″ d at the bottom.

Sun N Sand Tote

Sydney Victoria’s Australian Dream

I finally finished the blanket I made for my friends’ baby who is due the beginning of March.

Matt & Eileen went to Australian on their honeymoon. They loved it there and when they got pregnant and found out they were having a girl, they named her Sydney Victoria.

I already had a design in my head of a blanket I wanted to make for them. I would take the pattern from the Butterfly Garden afghan and then cross stitch her name in the center. I had also wanted to see if I could get a sketch of the Sydney Opera House in there.

I had some colors picked out in my head and those were confirmed when Eileen showed me a picture of the bedding they wanted to get for Sydney’s room. The opera house was confirmed when they told me that they had a view of the opera house everyday from their hotel room.

I used Caron Simply Soft in Raspberry and Off-White. I used Bernat Satin in a dark, forest green and white. I used a J Afghan hook to crochet the blanket.

I found a neat sketch of the Opera House that I graphed using knitpro.

The blanket was finally finished on Saturday, Jan 31 and I took it over to their house. They seemed very pleased with it and when we took it up to her room, we saw it was a great match to the paint.

The blanket measures 44″ x 57″.

Emily’s wristwarmers

Emily had been wanting me to make her a pair of wristwarmers that went up to her elbow. After several tries of different stitches, my brain was just not in the design mode. I went to Ravelry and searched and searched. I found an easy pattern that looked nice so I sat down to work them up today. I got the pattern from CreativeYarn and loved it. So does Emily. 🙂

I used a size H hook with Bernat Satin yarn in Mocha. They are 9″ x 13″. I only made minor changes to the pattern based on how long Emily wanted the sleeves to be and the measurement around her forearm.

I have one photo to show for now and will take more pictures tomorrow in the light.


Snowman/bunny hybrid

Had to come up with a quick gift for a little guy. We are going to his first birthday party on Saturday.

I was going to make up Kim Guzman’s chenille bunny out of caron simply soft. I got the head and body finished, however, the feet weren’t coming out right and I didn’t have the patience to figure out what I did wrong. So, I pulled out a snowman pattern from Hooked on Crochet, Dec 2007. So, I made the feet, arms and hat from the pattern, making up the scarf from my own made up pattern.

He’s 9″ tall and made from scraps from my stash, mostly Caron Simply Soft.

Sam's Snowman