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More on Curves and Cuves Smart

I received a comment from someone and instead of addressing her privately, I wanted to share my testimony.

First, the comment

Hey…glad to hear that you are getting results from the Curves ‘Smart’ programme.

My club is due to upgrade to this in September. I’m in two minds whether to follow.

You say that you were working out before, but with no success….were you a regular Curves member before?

I am only asking as I have been going to Curves for nearly two months now, but have not started to lose inches or weight yet 😦

Ok, so here’s the story. I never was one big on dieting or on exercise. I have gotten pregnant 7 times, carrying all 7 full term. After each child, I packed on a bit of weight, maybe losing a little bit after, but not much.

Finally, 2 1/2 years after my last kiddo was born, I decided to do something about my weight. I checked out Curves and then another women’s gym just across the street. The lady working at Curves was more open and welcoming and talked to me about the program instead of hitting me in my pocketbook and letting me know I was overweight. The lady at the other gym immediately pulled out the price book and told me that the owner would be sitting down with me to tell me what changes I would have to make in my diet. Um, thanks, but no thanks. I joined Curves.

April 30, 2007 was my first weigh in/measurement. I weighed in at 269 lbs. After my first month, I dropped 3 lbs and 4.25 inches. The next month (June 30), I dropped another 6 lbs and 7.25 inches. July, I remained the same and I attributed that to the fact that, at home, I was not as active as I had been.

August brought a weight loss of 5 lbs and 7 inches. September saw 1 lbs lost and 2.5 inches. October didn’t see any change. During these first few months, I was going fairly regularly – 3x a week. But I was getting discouraged and in November, my attendance dropped to once a week. My last weigh in was October 30. I don’t think I journaled too much during that time, but I can only assume that I wanted to avoid the scale because I didn’t want to see the results.

December – forget about it. I don’t think I went during that month and January as well.

I went back in February and March. I started going in the afternoon instead of morning because I thought it would be best with homeschool and all. After doing a self weigh in and not seeing weight loss during those two months of going, I quit going again.

Around the middle of May, hubby asked me if I had stopped going and I said yes. He encouraged me to go back, reminding me of how I felt during those first few months of going. May 12 was my first visit back. I started going in the mornings again and saw that I had more energy from working out in the morning instead of waiting for the afternoon.

I let the manager know that I was getting discouraged because I was not seeing results. She told me to hang in there as they were expecting to go through some changes. I started back on my 3 times a week and waited to hear on those changes, but I, again, avoided getting weighed in and measured (if you don’t know, it’s not there, right? j/k)

May 19 – I walk in and see information about the Curves Smart program (read this post) for more details) and knew that this computerized trainer was what I needed.

I got weighed in and measured on June 13 for the Curves Smart system and then again on July 14. My results were a weight loss of 2 lbs and 2.5 inches.

Since May 12, I have been going faithfully 3 times a week. I see a difference using the Curves Smart system because when I think that I’m doing alright, but knowing I’m getting tired, the computer shows that I am slowing down and I’m not using my full range of motion. When I focus on the range of motion and staying “in the green”, I KNOW I’m getting a better workout.

I feel better overall and can see results in my body. My pants are hanging a bit lower on my hips and my bras are a little “wrinkly”.

For those of you on the fence about joining the Curves Smart program, I would recommend trying it out for at least 2 months. Change is a difficult thing, but approach this with an open mind. Here’s some things to consider:

Your Curves is probably in the learning stages of this program, too, so be patient with them as they learn.

It’s almost as if you are re-learning how to use the Curves equipment. Approach this as if you were going in for the first time. Be open to correction and don’t hold on to your old ways.

It’s important that you focus on your range of motion and then “staying in the green”. If you haven’t used the machines yet, and don’t know what “staying in the green” means, don’t worry about it. Just remember that for when you learn the machines. 😉

Again, when training on the new program, remember that the staff is probably new to this, too. You may not get all your question answered and may no understand why you are doing certain things, but maybe jot those questions down and see if the staff can research those questions for you and get back to you.

Enjoy and happy curving! 😀


Weigh in/Measure

I had my monthly weigh in and measurements today. First one since I started Curves Smart.

I’ve lost 3.5 inches (bust, waist and abdomen) and 2 pounds. What a relief! I had worked out earlier this year for 2 months and didn’t see results. I was getting very discouraged.

Note that this is the only form of weight loss I’m doing right now.

Curves Smart is really keeping me on track and not allowing me to slow down in my workouts. Mondays are so hard, too, as my body is still so sleepy.

I’m back!

Monday’s workout

I’ve been working out using the Curves Smart program for 3 weeks now. It really is pushing me. When the machine’s light is orange, I am not working to the potential that I trained at on the machine.

I get weighed in and measured next week. I’m looking forward to it to see what changes, if any, have occurred.

I do wish, however, that the owner and workers there at Curves knew a little bit more about the results in the computer. That would really help the members out in knowing how they are doing on each machine. There was a woman in this morning complaining (it seems that is in her nature to complain since every time I see her, she’s complaining about something) about why would she want to work out on a machine that shows her her faults. Excuse me? Is that the reason for using Curves Smart? We see our faults and then work harder. But the trainers don’t say that to her because I don’t think they really know.

Evidently the people training our trainers on the Curves Smart machines aren’t doing such a good job. I’ve read on Curves forums where owners and workers don’t even know what’s going on so it’s not limited to just my Curves. Gets a little frustrating. Hmm. Maybe that woman’s complaining spirit rubbed off on me. 😦

Anyway, I’m happy with how I’m working out on the machines. I just wish I knew more about the results. I also wish that when I go in to work out the complainers stay away. Better yet, Lord, deliver this woman from this complaining spirit and help her to find joy in You.

Curves this week

This was an interesting week at Curves. On Wednesday, I worked out hard to make sure I stayed out of the orange. Orange means you are working the machines below 80% of what you trained at. My results were that I had all green pinpoints on my c-mama likeness on the computer. 😉

This morning, when I signed in, the computer notified me that it had increased my workout 22 points. Not sure exactly what those points mean, but I do know that the computer was going to expect me to work even harder. Hrmph! That’s what I get, huh? Well, I didn’t push the machines like I did Wednesday. I just simply tried hard to stay out of the orange. Seems a very fine line between the 3 – orange (under target), solid green (target), flashing green (over target). Seems I can go from orange to flashing green in one rep. Oh well. I’ll do what I can.

My weigh-in/measure day will be around the 15th. We will see if there is a change in my weight, measurements and/or BMI.

Wednesday workout

I did my first Curves Smart workout today. Phew! First, I should have brought my inhaler with me. My lungs were acting up and with the more intense workout…oh well. I didn’t pass out, so that’s good. Also, with my face being as red as it was, encouraged others who were thinking about signing up for Curves Smart. Hee hee.

It was a hard workout, which is good. The computer recorded that I expended all the energy I could (YES, I KNOW!).

I’m so happy to have this first workout under my belt.

Have a happy, blessed day and remember that Jesus loves you all. 🙂

Curves training

I was able to do my Curves Smart training today. Sheri, the owner, input my weight, height, and measurements into the computer and activated my key-card. Then I went around to the machines, stuck my key-card in, did 3 range of motion reps and 3 full power reps so the computer would know my range of motion for each machine and then it would know my full power to keep my up to that level.

Then I did a normal workout. I will do a Curves Smart workout the next time I’m in.

Sheri did a workout with me this morning, showing me what the machines look like with her key-card in. After her workout, she put her key-card into the computer and showed me what her workout screen looks like. Very cool. You can see what muscle groups are in the 91% or higher range and which muscle groups are lower than 91%. There’s also a chart which shows which machine targets which muscle group. There are other helpful charts that show your progress. I’m sure the first month or so will be full of highs and lows, but as the months go by, the average will be great to see and it will be good to see when I’m able to increase my reps on the machines.


ETA – My weight has not decreased. However, I can tell that I’m losing inches even though I cannot prove it. I hadn’t gotten measured in a couple of months. I measured myself on Friday and then today I got measured at Curves. I’m a little frustrated not to see a change in weight, but both hubby and I have noticed a change in my body. I’ll know more the end of this month and then a month from now. I’m going to keep up on the measurements with Curves (well, I’ll have to now with Curves Smart) and will measure myself (maybe) on the 15th.

Friday Curves

The Curves machines were equipped with the Smart computers yesterday. The trainers and members still need to be trained on them, but we are able to use the heart-rate on the stepper. Wow, what a difference. Taking your heart rate on your own is difficult. I would mess up my counting because my mind is listening to the beat of the music and other distractions.

But this machine is accurate. I fell between the 70 and 80 percentile easily. Hmmm. I’m reading on the Curves forums that one needs to be between 60 and 70 and the owner said 70 and 80 today. Oh well. Either way I was lower than I thought I had been. Which is good for me because I was taking it very easy at the recovery stations.

There were, of course, complaints from the peanut gallery. You know the ones. The ones who complain for every single little change. According to them, the machine is wrong because it’s 20 points lower than what they used to be. They cannot possibly work out harder, and, oh, by the way, you changed which door we go in so I’m going to complain that we are all going to die if there’s ever a fire. Phew. I prayed peace upon the owner and the other trainers while the members get used to the changes.

Change, while necessary, is very difficult for most to endure.

I’m happy. I cannot wait to be called for my appointment. This is going to be a very, very, very good change.

My workout today

I left the house around 8 after getting the kids up. The owner was working at Curves and I signed a piece of paper signing me up for the Curves Smart program and gave her my credit card to charge the fee.

I worked out a bit harder today since I apparently didn’t realize that I should be trying to increase my reps as time goes on. Wow, what a difference. I didn’t have the machines telling me if I was in the zone or not, but I tried to focus on my reps and not slow down. My heart rate stayed in the target zone except for the 3rd last machine (squat) where I was able to do 14 reps. That was more than I had ever done, but I did push myself too far, I think. Had to take a heart rate check at that point and it was at 31 and I should be at 25. I slowed down for the last machines and then stretched. I also weighed myself when I was done and I gained 1/2 pound from last week Wednesday, but that’s ok. I know it’s not in the weight and today was a brand new day, with working out harder.

The owner stated that the parts for the machines will be installed next Thursday. I don’t know how long it will take for the staff to get trained, but my impression of the owner is that she won’t dilly-dally. She’s going to want to get the members starting on Curves Smart as soon as possible.