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For those Christians who are planning on voting for Obama

Before you place your vote, please take a moment to read this article by Dutch Sheets.

Thank you.


I will be glad when the dust settles

I was going to post that I will be glad when these elections are over. But, regardless of the turn-out, I think it will take some time before the dust settles.

Both sides are very passionate about who they support or don’t support. I joined Twitter yesterday and am finding out that some of the people whose blogs I faithfully follow have different political views than I do. After getting past my initial disappointment that we do not see eye-to-eye, I make myself a commitment to not tweet about this election. I am also going to try very hard to not make any judgments against those whose opinions differ from my own. That previous statement was very difficult for me to write. You see, I have a problem in that area; being all judgmental and all. It’s something I know I need to work on, but it’s not easy.

Anyway, these pre-election days are difficult for me. The blogs I follow I do so for a reason. It’s because I like their writing style. It’s because I love to hear of their adventures and I love to see what they’ve designed or created. We share the love of fiber arts. Those whose blogs I follow do not blog too often about their political views. If they did, I suppose I wouldn’t be following them anymore. I did stop reading one crafter’s blog because her attitude towards the party I am supporting was so ugly. I just could not read her posts anymore knowing that ugly side of her was there.

These times are drawing the worst out of people. I am not saying that I am any better. I had thought I would not have posted anything about the elections, but I have. I am thinking that I may go back and delete those posts, or, at least make them private. They were written out of pre-election adrenaline.

I will say it again, people are very passionate about who they are supporting and who they are not supporting. That said, when these elections are over, I suspect one side will be a sore loser and the other a poor winner. Not the candidates themselves, I hope. But those who support their candidates. I think I will make that my prayer, that come November 5, graciousness will abound on both sides.

Hey, I DO believe in miracles.

ETA: Ok, I have made my posts about the elections (not including this one) private. It is not because I am afraid to make my position known. I am not. I simply am taking away a divide. Those who know me or have read my posts know that I am a Conservative, Radical Christian and that is how I vote. I’m sure they will deduce what side I have chosen. I do not think that my posts will change anyone’s mind, anyway, so I would have to wonder what point I would want to make by posting those now. That point doesn’t fall into the graciousness category I am praying in. Do I feel strongly about this election? Yes, I do. Does it make me sad or fearful to see how divided this country is during this time? Yes I do. But, this is America, the land of the free. I will not let the monster of anger or judgmentalism eat me alive because of this election. My Savior is Jesus Christ. My savior is not going to be the president or vice president. If I can stay focused on that one simple truth I know that I can make it through these next couple of months in rest.

Why I’m voting for Huckabee

I believe that the Lord wants to use Mike Huckabee to get us through these next few years.

I will forward you to my pastor’s blog as he has a much better way of words than I do.

I also want to link my husband’s site as he has a nice video from Huck’s Army that shows that the media is mistaken in saying that it’s impossible for Mike Huckabee to win.

Randal Cutter’s blog

What the media isn’t telling you about McCain’s chances by freepatriot.com