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Pineapple Motif Scarf/Shawl

5/11/08 Update

This is not working out – I’ve tossed this in the, pineapple scarf? What Pineapple scarf? pile. 😛

I wanted to make a friend of mine a scarf. No, not the wintery kind – we live in Florida. I had seen her wear a long scarf with a dress the other day and it gave me an idea.

I went to Michael’s Art & Crafts and picked up some Paton’s Brilliant in Crystal Cream. It’s a good color for her and the specks of gold add a bit of classiness in my opinion. 🙂

I was going to to a lacy tunisian stitch, but wasn’t loving how it was turning out. Then I remembered a pineapple motif pattern I had and got the book and decided to do that.

I’m on the forth motif, not sure how it’s all going to turn out or how many more skeins I’m going to have to use, but I’ll play it by ear.


Granny Square Bolero

When my issue of the may/june ’08 Crochet today! came in the mail, I knew that I wanted to make the bolero pictured on the cover for my girls. It’s on page 48 and designed by Jacqueline van Dillen.

Another W.I.P.


Not working out. I don’t like how it’s sewing together. Add another to the UGH! pile.

Fiddlesticks and Frogs

Argh! I sewed the sides of the vest to the back and was scared that it just wasn’t big enough. I measured it again and just wasn’t happy with the gauge. Ribbit! I just frogged the back and am going to try using a K hook and MAYBE crochet a bit looser. Yeah, right. We shall see what happens.

To frog or not to frog/Correction to Heart Strings Afghan pattern in Crochet World, June 2005

I am working up an afghan found on page 42 of the June 2005 issue of Crochet World called Heart Strings Afghan.

After Row 18, the pattern says, [Rep rows 13 – 18 30 times. Rep row 13]. I FINALLY crocheted rows 13 – 18 30 times. I repeated row 13 and continued on to Row 19. As I was crocheting this row, something didn’t seem right. I read and re-read. I checked my work. No, I’m following the pattern right. But I still knew something was wrong. 98% of the time I “know” something is wrong with a pattern, it’s my fault, not the pattern’s. But this time it was the pattern’s.

The pattern SHOULD read [Rep rows 13 – 18 30 times. Rep rows 13, 14].

I’ve gotten to row 23 and that one row of hearts is too squishy. I need another row in there.

The question is, do I frog it?

It’s similar to a filet. You dc in the row below to raise the stitch and it creates a picture of a heart. Honestly, you can’t really tell, unless you look close. But, it’s bugging me. So, I guess I’m going to have to frog it.

Dang. I was celebrating when I got to the 30th repeated heart. But, I want this to be perfect and don’t want to be lazy on this last section.

Oh, well.

Here it goes…

An hour later: I frogged 3 rows and it’s better and I’m happy. No. It didn’t take me an hour, since I fooled around on the ‘net for a bit. 😀

Bee Doily

Or so my husband says it looks like. 🙂

I was given some pineapple patterns from a friend. They are all written in Porteguese, but they also have a chart, so I am able to read them. The one I am working on has 8 pineapples and they actually do look like a bee. 🙂


Project has been frogged

Frogg’n it

So I was making a halter top for my daughter. I made it up myself, just a simple hdc pattern. I was holding it up to her bare skin to make sure it fit. So far, so good. Well, last night I finished it, held it up to her this morning and she tells me, “It’s scratchy.” Grrr. This is a child who I have purchased clothing for after she tries it on. We get it home and she complains that it doesn’t feel good.

I frogged the green ruffle and was going to make her a headband with it, but I’m putting that aside right now because she has decided to have an attitude this week.

I’ll work on their blanket instead.