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Pray for a cure

I just received an e-mail that simply said, “Dear God, I pray for a cure for cancer.” Now, of course, I pray that they find a cure for cancer. However, MY prayers for those suffering from cancer (and I have a dear uncle who is suffering from cancer) is not simply for a cure, but for a complete healing.

I think that people tend to forget that the God of the universe can heal people from disease and sickness.

So, for my darling niece Kallie, I pray that the Lord heal you, that the diabetes will be gone from your body in Jesus’ name and any other sickness that your sweet body deals with – that the Lord grant you health, wholeness and the power of the Holy Spirit.

For my dear Uncle Frank – may the Lord heal your body from all cancer and that strength be restored. I pray that all that has been stolen from you and your family in the areas of health and finances be restored 7 fold.

For those suffering from diseases and illnesses, I pray for the Lord’s touch on your lives – for a complete healing in Jesus’ name.


Another Healing Testimony

I’ve been watching Todd Bentley on God TV and tonight we watched it at our Friday night church service.

We were praising the Lord and praying along with those who were coming up to the stage giving their testimonies of healing. You have to trust that what they say is real because you don’t know them and there is no “proof” that they were sick in the first place.

All of a sudden, the people around me erupt and say “PETER!” I look up and see a man who has been attending our church for a few years now. He HAD parkinsons and walked very slow and in pain all the time. He had gotten healed. Todd had him RUN across the stage and I jump out of my seat, tears running down my face because I knew that this was God. Peter was not able to do that and I saw him, with my own eyes, run across the stage two times. And he wasn’t shaking.

God is so good!!!!

The deaf will hear

On April 2, 2008, Todd Bentley from Fresh Fire Ministries came to a church in Lakeland, Florida. Todd is an evangelist whom God has used to bring healing to the sick. This conference, which was only to last a week, is still continuing. They have had to change venues as the church it started in cannot house the thousands who are coming from all over the world. They are not coming to see Todd but they are coming to have an encounter with the King of kings.

We have had some people from our church go and I believe they have brought an impartation of the power and glory that is being released there to our church.

Yesterday, I was serving on our prophetic team. It’s a time after the service that we set aside to pray for people and share with them what we believe God has for them.

As we were ministering to the last couple, one of my team members felt that the Lord wanted to heal the man’s hearing. In fact, she thought he had been in our Friday night meeting. There was a man in our Friday night meeting who had been healed in his ears and was able to hear. This was not the same man, however. We prayed that the Lord would touch him and bring healing to his ears. He had been partially deaf since serving at Vietnam.

When we were done, we asked if he felt any change. He said while we were praying, he heard 3 pops in his left ear. That encouraged us and we went after the healing again. When we were done, he said that the siren noise he had heard in his ear for 40 years was gone!

How awesome is our God! He reached down, in response to our prayers and touched this man’s ears. Because He loves this man.

I want to meditate on what the Lord is doing and who He is all the time. I never want to go back to who I was. I want to see the Lord’s power, glory and love released here where I live. I want to be used by Him.

How great is our God!