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For those Christians who are planning on voting for Obama

Before you place your vote, please take a moment to read this article by Dutch Sheets.

Thank you.



It’s a long article, but worth the read. I hope more people read this, especially those who blame the Bush Administration for the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mack problems and other issues where the left is blaming the right for their own irresponsible behavior.

Thanks to Tracie for linking to it on Twitter.

“Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights?” By Orson Scott Card

Tolerant Left (?)

Isn’t that the “point” of the left – tolerance? HA! I don’t see it. Tolerant as long as everyone agrees with them.

Driving through my neighborhood and seeing the McCain/Palin sign down the street trashed – AGAIN – just shows how hateful and full of anger they are towards McCain and Palin. Very sad.

And before you jump on my comments with, “You can’t judge a whole side with the actions of one”, think. That’s EXACTLY what you do. Does EVERYONE on the right blow up abortion clinics. No. Yet the right is judged and executed for the actions of a few clinically insane people. So, yes. I’m judging. And not just by this one sign. I’m judging based on what I see all over cyberspace and all over my city. The left is NOT tolerant. They are angry at those who wish to vote for McCain/Palin. They “cannot understand” and believe us all to be brainwashed and single issue voting. They rip us apart for our beliefs. Yeah. That’s tolerance alright. Not in my world, it ain’t.

Hmmm. What happened to my “non political posts”? Seeing that sign this morning and seeing all the chatter on Twitter exalting the all powerful “O”ssiah just did me in.