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Nature’s Bounty

Nature’s Bounty
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Touched by Nature, Leisure Arts, 1998

Design by Delsie Rhoades

Size 7 hook, 10 thread


Ruffled Pineapple Doily

Ruffled Pineapple Doily
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Made a few years ago.

Old-Time Doilies, House of White Birches, 1994

13″ Diameter

Size 10 thread, 12 hook

Pineapple Fan Doily

Pineapple Fan Doily
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This doily comes from the Collectible Doily Series from House of White Birches. It’s under the category, Pineapple Treasures.

Design by Della Bieber.

Pattern says 18″ diameter.

Pineapple Motif Scarf

This project was fun. I made it for a friend out of Bernat Satin Sport and a G hook.

I used a vintage pineapple square pattern I found on the internet – Celt’s Vintage Crochet.

I believe the scarf measured 62″ long, but I don’t remember the width. I’ll have to measure it the next time my friend wears it. She wore it Sunday and it looked really nice.

This is my daughter modeling it.

Pineapple Motif Scarf/Shawl

5/11/08 Update

This is not working out – I’ve tossed this in the, pineapple scarf? What Pineapple scarf? pile. 😛

I wanted to make a friend of mine a scarf. No, not the wintery kind – we live in Florida. I had seen her wear a long scarf with a dress the other day and it gave me an idea.

I went to Michael’s Art & Crafts and picked up some Paton’s Brilliant in Crystal Cream. It’s a good color for her and the specks of gold add a bit of classiness in my opinion. 🙂

I was going to to a lacy tunisian stitch, but wasn’t loving how it was turning out. Then I remembered a pineapple motif pattern I had and got the book and decided to do that.

I’m on the forth motif, not sure how it’s all going to turn out or how many more skeins I’m going to have to use, but I’ll play it by ear.

Jocelyn Cape

I made this cape for my daughter. I’ll be making a second one for my younger daughter as well. It’s from a pattern from Gourmet Crochet.

I used Caron Simply Soft Shadows Moss Green and a J hook.

Some Doilies

Each of these doilies was made with size 10 thread.

The square, purple doily is an 8″ square and is edged with a bit of ruffles. This would look great on a girl’s night stand or even tacked onto a pillow.

Square Doily

The white star shell doily is 21″ across and would look great on top of a circular table, topped by a beautiful vase of fresh flowers.

Star Shell Doily

The white pinwheel doily is 13 1/2″ across and would look great on top of that sofa table topped by a lamp or left alone. The pinwheel design is simply beautiful and can stand alone.

White Pinwheel Doily

The ecru pineapple fan doily is 15 1/2″ across. It would look wonderful under a vase, lamp or can also stand alone.

Pineapple Fan Doily

Pineapple Doily

I just finished a pineapple doily for our little pedastal side table. Yeah! Another doily for us. LOL

It measures 11″ x 11″. I used size 10 ecru thread and a 7 hook. I got the pattern from a borrowed Magic Crochet magazine (don’t know which issue) and the pattern is called Quartet Runner. It’s 4 of these motifs crochetetd together. But I only wanted one. 🙂

Octagon Pineapple

Table Runner finished!

The table runner I made for my friend’s wedding shower is finished. Her shower was today and, yes, I was crocheting it at the shower. Now, I have read that it’s not polite to crochet the gift you are giving at the shower, however, I did ask permission, and my friends know me well enough that I am ALWAYS crocheting. They did not think it rude of me, at all.

It measures 20″ wide by 55″ long. I crocheted it using size 10 white, cotton thread. I used a pattern from Magic Crochet, December 1988, Number 57. It is #19 in the book, Oval Runner by Elisabeth Hiddleson. I think I used a size 7 hook. It had a stone handle and I forget what size it is. 😀 It’s between a 7 and 5. I started it Good Friday and finished today, so it took a week and 2 days.

Pineapple Runner

Pineapple Hearts Doily

I just finished another doily. I made this one from white, size 10 cotton thread using a number 7 hook. I got the pattern from Magic Crochet April 2002. The name of the pattern is Birthday Breakfast, but I call it Pineapple Hearts. 🙂

The pattern called for a picot stitch edging, but after doing it, I decided to frog that and not put an edging. I think it looks softer and neater. Of course, had I blocked it, it would have worked, but I do not have what I need to block, so I don’t. 😉

It’s 17″ across.

Pineapple Hearts