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Star Blanket

I made a star blanket for an internet acquaintance that recently had a baby boy.

I had some Caron Simply Soft left over from some previous projects so I used that. It’s dark country blue, country blue, gray heather and white. I edged the blanket with white in one row of reverse sc, and I used an I hook.

The blanket measures 27″ across.

I like it. The pattern is easy. I started this blanket on May 22, in the evening and finished it this morning, May 24.



Eating milk chocolate fudge sandwich cookies under a blue sky

What a name! What a blanket! This beautiful ripple blanket was lovingly crocheted using 9 balls of Bernat Softee Chunky yarn. Bernat Softee Chunky yarn is 100% acrylic and holds up well to machine wash and dry. A size K hook was used.

The blue/taupe/vanilla variegated stripes bring a nice touch of color to the dark and light taupe stripes.

It measures 30″ x 62″.

Blue and Brown Ripple

2nd Baby Blanket

I’ve started the 2nd baby blanket. I’m using Lion Brand Pound of Love in denim and white, a J hook and c-mama’s ripple pattern. I’m using one strand of denim and one strand of together. I’m really liking this look. 🙂



I finished the blanket today. It measures 32″ x 34″.

Oh, and when I first took these photos, I neglected to check the lens. It was cool in the house and quite hot and humid outside. You can see the first photo I took by clicking on the photo below.

Blue and White Ripple

Blanket – Inheritance

When I make items, I pray and ask the Lord to show me some scriptures or song lyrics that will speak to the person that I’m making it for. I don’t always know who will receive the item, but I know that the right person will be touched by it and know it’s for them.

Our family went on a vacation of sort the during the last week of June. It was a conference with MorningStar Ministries, which is the ministry our church, New Dawn, is part of. I started this blanket on the drive from South Florida to Ft. Mill, South Carolina. During this conference, I felt out of place at times, feeling as if I didn’t belong. Not because they weren’t welcoming. It was because I felt as if I didn’t deserve to be there. Silly, I know, but I do have issues with things like that and I am trying to work through them. This verse really spoke to me for this blanket – 2 Corinthians 4:7 – But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us. Then I heard one of the speakers, Bill Johnson, from Bethel Church in Redding California. He was speaking on our inheritance. Our kingdom inheritance. Then I remembered that I have a book co-authored by him called The Supernatural Ways of Royalty. I knew that this is what the Lord wants the recipient of the blanket to know. He wants this person to know that they are a child of the Living God and that He wants them to live as a Prince and not as a Pauper. That is why I call this the Inheritance Blanket.

This is made out of Lion Brand Homespun Mediterranean. I used an N hook and the pattern, Super Fast and Easy Throw. It measures 40″ x 70″.

Mediterranean Ripple Blanket

Super Fast and Easy Throw

I have a friend who is suffering from some unknown sickness. I enjoy making blankets/shawls for friends who are suffering from either physical or emotional things. I really ought to have a few items made up ahead of time, because it seems that things strike several people at the same time. But, I don’t, so I’m stuck. 😉 I have another friend who I would love to make something up for, but I promised myself I’d get this one out, first.

I’m using Lion Brand Homespun, Prairie, Super Fast and Easy Throw from Lion Brand and an N hook. I’m on the 3rd of 6 skeins.

It would be nice to finish this before the 24, but we will see.



The throw is finished!

It measures 44″ wide x 60″ long. I love homespun! It’s a great blanket and I hope the recipient finds much comfort in it. 🙂

Super Fast Prairie

Update on Kenny’s c-mama ripple

I washed Kenny’s blanket today. It was made from Red Heart. It’s not as soft as the other blankets made out of Caron Simply Soft, but it did soften up a bit. Good, because it was a little too scratchy and I just would have been upset if it hadn’t softened.

Emily’s c-mama ripple

Well, the blankets are all done. I am amazed. I gave myself until June 23 to complete them all. Here it is, June 18 and they are all done. I just have to wash them and all will be great! Yeah!

Her blanket was made with Caron Simply Soft, c-mama’s ripple pattern and a J hook. It measures 31″ x 60″. I probably should have made it a bit wider, but it’ll work.

Emily's Ripple

C-Mama’s Ripple Pattern

c-mama ripple


The above photo was made using a J hook and Caron Simply Soft worsted weight yarn

dc dec – yo, insert hook in next dc, draw through loop, yo, draw through 2 loops on hook, yo, insert hook in next dc, draw through loop, yo, draw through 2 loops on hook, yo, draw through remaining 3 loops on hook.

Join new color – at the last 2 stitches of the row before color change, yo, insert hook in next dc, draw through loop, yo, draw through 2 loops on hook, yo, insert hook in next dc, draw through loop, yo, draw through 2 loops on hook, and with new yarn, yo, draw through last 2 loops on hook, chain 2 and turn.

Row 1 – Foundation chain multiples of 17 until desired length. I usually chain another 17 to make sure that it’s wide enough. dc in 3rd chain from hook. 1st 2 skipped chains count as 1st dc, dc in next 5 chains, *dc, ch 1, dc in next chain, dc in next 7 chains, sk next 2 chains, dc in next 7 chains, repeat from *.

Rows 2 and following – Chain 2, turn. *dc in next 7 dc, dc, ch1, dc in ch 1 space, dc in next 7 dc, sk 2 dc, repeat from * to the last 8 dc, dc in next 6 dc, dc last 2 dc tog, ch 2, turn.

***Note*** To make this ripple with Homespun and Suede – see this post for photos, etc. – 7 ripples 45″ x 65″, 5 skeins of Homespun, 5 balls of Suede. For blanket that is 7 ripples 45″ x 84″, 6 skeins of Homespun, 10 balls of Suede.

Blankets 3 & 4 of 6

Well, when making blanket for all 6 kids, the blankets need designations, too. 😉

This is Kenny’s blanket. It measures 34″ x 34″ and was make with Red Heart. I know. But he picked the colors out. I’m hoping, hoping, hoping, that it will soften with a washing.

I used my C-Mama’s Ripple Pattern and a J hook.

Kenny Ripple

This is Jordan’s blanket. It measures 34″ x 48″ and was made with red, white and black Caron Simply Soft, with a J hook and C-Mama’s Ripple Pattern.

Jordan Ripple

I am working up Levi’s now. Caron Simply Soft black and Caron One Pound navy blue. Emily’s blanket will also be C-Mama’s Ripple Pattern using Caron Simply Soft white, navy and light blue. I finished Kenny’s blanket in 6 days, so I’m confident I’ll get Levi’s and Emily’s finished before we leave. Now, about those ends in Caytie’s blanket that need to be woven…maybe I can show her how to do it. 😀

Housewarming Blankie

An internet friend of mine and his wife recently moved into a new home – a new state, too. I wanted to make them a housewarming gift.

I used a pattern from Lion Brand, Super Fast and Easy Throw, an N hook and Lion Brand Homespun, Williamsburg.

I didn’t record the exact measurements, but it’s around 44″ x 60″.

Housewarming Blankie